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Fender Hot Rodded American Big Apple Stratocaster
Fender Hot Rodded American Big Apple Stratocaster
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« Fender Big Apple Stratocaster »

Publié le 09/20/04 à 15:00
Bought at a pawn shop for $600.00, Have been looking for a completly stock Big Apple for a long time, Transparent sunset orange, I fell in love.

This Guitar is the most versitale guitar ever made at this quality level. USA made, Seymor Duncans stock (pearly gates plus-bridge, '59-neck), the neck is flawless and as smooth as glass, as all my Strats' are, I play Strats' exclusivly and I wanted a H/H, I actually sold my '65 Les Paul for the money to buy this Strat, as the Gibson was the only H/H I had at the time, good riddins', this Big Apple sounds, feels, and plays so much better. (no more sore ribs from the Gibsons' sharp edges, and I think the strap mark on my shoulder will eventually fade, the gibson was soooooooo heavy).


The construction of this work of art is as flawless as I have ever seen, Body perfect, neck,awesome, and it is as tough as a Strat, and the neck pocket, I mean there is not even a line where the neck fits, as tight as can possibly be. The paint is transparent so you can see the quality of the wood used, Rosewood fretboard grain is strait and true, perfect !!!!!!

This guitar is for all those humbucking guys playing Ibanez, Jackson, Shecter, whatever, there is no comparison to the sound and feel of the Strat, I have used this guitar tuned to dropped B, yes , B, like a Baritone, as well as standard tuning, the hums sound great for any style playing, My band plays Flaw, Mudvayne, Stevie Ray, Hendrix, Blue Oyster Cult, Clapton, 80s' metal (oh yea!!), Skynyrd, you get the picture, the Big Apple can handle all styles (if I could just find about 10 more Big Apples', so I could have one for each tuning, I would), To the point , "Best Guitar Ever".

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