Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]
Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]

ART120 [2008-2011], LP-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the ART series.

bolinox 11/30/2014

Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011] : bolinox's user review

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everything has been said by my colleague before me, and I agree.
a beautiful rose button at the octave.


good finish.


incredible sustain. very high harmonics. probably due to active pickups.


I for 2 months and I have fun like crazy with. I had bought for resale (I make customs) but I might be keeping it.
purchased Cygnus 125 300 new but even one is a winner.
anyway I have never been disappointed with my Ibanez. I have since 1978!