Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]
Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011]

ART120 [2008-2011], LP-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the ART series.

vincent palmer 03/05/2014

Ibanez ART120 [2008-2011] : vincent palmer's user review

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This is a guitar made in China Type Lespaul: mahogany body, curved maple top, set neck rosewood fingerboard, bridge is Ibanez fittings of high quality. The fineness of the violin for nine took about 350 euros crushes the competition on this price range like Gibson as Epiphones.Les two microphones are active. Settings, volume, tone, switch placed next to the volume and tone which is very convenient. Housing two LR6 batteries that power the microphones is accessible via two screws. This detail, impractical, can be annoying if impromptu malfunctioning batteries.


The handle, as always with Ibanez is a feast of comfort that encourages speed and expressiveness.
Ergonomics is that of a Lespaul in lighter and much more comfortable.
Access to acute is easier than on a Lespaul.
The sound output is powerful and defined but not hot. It is far from alnicos and this is normal.


I play rock'n'roll but I love the saturation it was long I was trying to get me a guitar with active pickups to test my repertoire and my game over. So I use actually is quite shifted since my game is more hard rock blues or classic rock than metal. I plug the guitar directly to a Roland XL 40 is a great amp to pass. Sounds issued are consistent with those expected of active pickups, they excel by their precision saturation sin by their stiffness clear.


I use it for today. Before I had tried other active pickups to Ibanez RGA 32 and 42 that I recommend also because they are great guitars that play almost all alone. What I like about this guitar is the incredible comfort of the handle but it is a quality common to all Ibanez. The active pickups are very good that EMG less fleshy but in this price range do not dream no more! The level of the violin is such that it constitutes an excellent basis for all possible changes Pickup: EMG passive humbuckers or P100. You understood this guitar is offset my style but I really wanted to "feel" the active microphone! And the purchase price (90 euros) but even bought new (less than 350 euros) this guitar looks like the Judge Fred "is the ball." I highly recommend the metalheads but also to others who want to try the active experience as remarkable violin guitar brilliantly ensure an eventual return to passive pickups.