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xibanezx 05/06/2012

Ibanez ARZ400 : xibanezx's user review

" To obtain!"

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Pickup: EMG EMG-H4 and H4A
Scale: 25 '
24 frets
Guitar One Piece


The handle is very nice, small and fast with a good touch.

The sound is easy to find on this guitar to play rock / metal, set the selector in the neck position.

Compared to other models the pauls, this guitar is much more comfortable and workable in my opinion. The body is thinner and behind the guitar is curved to better fit the shape of the body.

In another, I find it slight for this type of guitar!


I play most of metalcore and sometimes I pat the big rock. It suits me perfectly for this type of music, passive EMG allows me to get out of the register high gain and power amp to the cruncher. For the clean sound, I s I rarely play in clean ... I could not compare with other guitars. Also I play a peavey 6505 (not known to have a good clean channel) But for the distortion, this guitar with my peavey, c, is to hear and get!


I've had it 6 months and I'm starting to hook me ery! This strain has the look of a Les Paul (even better now because more asser metal) and the touch of a guitar to play metal ibanez.

Like most: its looks, quality / price and it never goes out of tune
Least favorite: the handle has a tendency not to want to stand alone when we played standing up ... but it is very little

I would do certainly choice