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Mackie DFX user reviews

  • Mackie DFX 12

    Mackie DFX 12 - "Mackie DFX12"


    Guitar Center, $249.00, had it about a year. Bought it to work with other equipment I bought from an expired band. I like everything about this unit. Easy to use, built with quality materials, and has a user manual in plain English for the novice …

  • Mackie DFX 6

    Mackie DFX 6 - " Good console at a very affordable price"


    With regard to the characteristics, we must see the doc but I would say even more, casting a glance we see all that this table can do ... I join the opinion of Serotonik, the number of channels is based on the range. Also as Serotonik I think the…

  • Mackie DFX 12

    Mackie DFX 12 - manudox's review


    Small non-rack mount console. 12 channels with 6 XLR XLR outputs on the base but very adequate. UTILIZATION It is the small console that I take to weddings I have no DJ mixer, I use the aux for my headphones and mix the costs, it works very we…

  • Mackie DFX 6

    Mackie DFX 6 - uservinc's review


    For specifications see the doc. The rating is for its theoretical characteristics. UTILIZATION Joint use with other tables. SOUNDS For Mackie I can not find the sound is better than Berhinger I 'd. OVERALL OPINION It's been 2-3 years si…

  • Mackie DFX 12

    Mackie DFX 12 - jazzystochat's review


    Small-console CHRE not offering a low price for many services done everything nice. -I do not know if the rack is bte, others will tell peuttre? -It provides for 12 channels but in fact possde 4-way mono + 4 Stereo (4 +4 * 2 = 12 o) -2 Auxiliar…

  • Mackie DFX 6

    Mackie DFX 6 - serotonik's review


    The choice of track number is based on the range the effects are nice but do not replace a real rack ... multiple output would welcome t This console does not serve me to control my live but just for a few rglages UTILIZATION Trs simple con…