Mackie DFX 12
Mackie DFX 12

DFX 12, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the DFX series.

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MGR/A player, not a sound man 08/02/2004

Mackie DFX 12 : MGR/A player, not a sound man's user review

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Guitar Center, $249.00, had it about a year. Bought it to work with other equipment I bought from an expired band.

I like everything about this unit. Easy to use, built with quality materials, and has a user manual in plain English for the novice user. Everything is labeled clearly and logically. I have no complaints about this unit whatsoever. Mackie even included humorous notes in the manual for those that take the time to read it. Mute buttton on each channel to easily cut off the channel when necessary.

The industry as a whole calls these a 12 channel unit when in fact the stereo outputs which should be a single channel are counted as two. Nothing wrong with this unit as far as I'm concerned.

This unit is made of a durable plastic, as most units are. The quality of materials is excellent, the connections are clean, the unit is very quiet.

I was advised that if I wanted good sound in a quality unit with minimal noise and the most value for my money, I should leave the Behringer's and Yamaha's and buy Mackie. This has been reinforced by friends who run soundboards for bands. For the cost, it can't be beat.

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