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Marlboro Sound Works user reviews

  • Marlboro Sound Works G-20B

    Marlboro Sound Works G-20B - "This Amp Fills All My Needs" has images


    I LOVE THIS AMP! I run my Behringer USB- Mixer into it. I connect it to both channels on the amp. Then with today's sound processors, and plug-ins, I can create the sound I want and get plenty loud enough for practicing or partying. I've hosted Karao…

  • Marlboro Sound Works G-50R

    Marlboro Sound Works G-50R - "Excellent" has images


    A 50W solid state combo, made in the USA between 1970 and 1980. Three ins: bright/normal/mellow. Controls: volume, bass, treble, reverb, effect setting, tremolo/vibrato/echo effect. On/off switch. Spring reverb. 2x12" USA-made Marlboro Sound Wor…

Translated user reviews
  • Marlboro Sound Works 1200R

    Marlboro Sound Works 1200R - " Unbelievable but attention ..."


    Head or mini guitar amp sound? transistor 115 Watts? 4 input independent volume like a mini sound a spring reverb on each channel (on / off, setting common) fuse to fuse behind (speaker) UTILIZATION Config very simple, not rocket scienc…

  • Marlboro Sound Works G-20B

    Marlboro Sound Works G-20B - twoboneyann ynco's review


    It's a transistor amp. The power is 20W. This is an amp to work at home, in a group for RPTES can build (warning that the distortion will change the sound) but for people playing softly and a drummer tr s wise (if a exists). He has a very big ad…

  • Marlboro Sound Works 1200R

    Marlboro Sound Works 1200R - micou's review


    Amp transistors built in the USA in 70-80 years after the seller of my music store. Power: There's strong 115 watts on the back of the head ... They are! I never pushed the volume above 2 / 10 if I become deaf! Jack / jack between the head and th…

  • Marlboro Sound Works G-20B

    Marlboro Sound Works G-20B - ebrian's review


    Amp transistors made in USA.20 W RMS. Between a "normal" and another "bright". A tremolo, reverb, volume, legalization: treble and bass. Between a "footswitch" (for saturation or reverb, I do not know). HP 12 'HP derrire two outputs and one input…

  • Marlboro Sound Works 1500B

    Marlboro Sound Works 1500B - chnouky132's review


    This is a transistor amp Made in the USA that requires as one might expect an adapter. In terms of power, um ca spit! I leave on 2 because otherwise it shook the windows The connector allows the connection of a bass guitar and an organ but I use…

  • Marlboro Sound Works 860A

    Marlboro Sound Works 860A - nydaunvan's review


    - A transistor amplifier manufactured in the United States (New York to be exact), 2 HP. - Power 150 W it has a lot of connections including 2 channels each with two entries (Flat and Bright), between 1 to connect a head, one between a foot switch.…