Marlboro Sound Works 1500B

1500B, Solid-State Guitar Amp Head from Marlboro Sound Works.

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chnouky132 05/17/2007

Marlboro Sound Works 1500B : chnouky132's user review


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This is a transistor amp Made in the USA that requires as one might expect an adapter.

In terms of power, um ca spit! I leave on 2 because otherwise it shook the windows
The connector allows the connection of a bass guitar and an organ but I use the personal out to play bass guitar with a friend.

In addition we offered it to me with my first skyscraper, the former owner no longer wanted because too big and too heavy ^ ^

Above I have a squier and Simar of trendy and I love the sound

and then unbeatable value for money

For no effect against the switch but I like retro and very little wind to start ^ ^ <ul></ul><ul>


Very simple configuration, you plug it sounds

The sound is very nice even with my squier with the microphones are not very good

no manual but not really need either

the only thing that can be off-putting is the fuse is not the easiest to find ... Other than that the happiness


Yes it suits my style of music and then I have a good multi-purpose back
this amp sounds really warm nice.


I use it for five years and I do not think I'll change it right away

I have not tried other models, I bought the guitar second-hand and spun me the owner with the amp.