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Marshall Haze user reviews

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - " Any good"


    Amp 40W lamps Effects: echo / flanger / chorus + reverb 1 + 1 clean channel overdrive Effects loop USE It's simple, you plug, you turn the knobs you press the buttons, there's the sound. I do not think I opened the manual. SONORITS …

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - valemtymes's review


    already said above UTILIZATION The setup is simple? Yes very easy The manual is clear and sufficient? ... I buy in the store and I did not have the manual Do you get a good sound easy? Yes its a typical marshall SOUNDS Will it fit your …

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - frein's review


    40w lamps, built-in effects chorus tremolo delay rather pretty to look at UTILIZATION classical channel drive, a bright and clean with a boost for the 2 channels the pots and buttons do not inspire confidence ... SOUNDS Tested in store for ha…

  • Marshall MHZ15

    Marshall MHZ15 - Pucelle_Dabidjan's review


    Amp lamps manufactured in India. Equipped with 2 amplification in 6v6 and 3 ECC83 preamp Power: 15w Has a digital effects section Comes with footswitch comprehensive Price 590 euros Print At first contact, Haze seems to me "normally" …

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - hubby's review


    What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)? marshall amp made in China What is the power dlivre? 40 W What connection? an input, output Hp What rglages the effects? ... two channels clean and drive qualisation + common effec…