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Marshall Haze user reviews

  • Marshall MHZ15

    Marshall MHZ15 - "Meh not great but not bad"


    Marshall has been one of those companies that have still great quality hard rock and metal amplifiers. In recent years he been dumbing down the products and making it more affordable for people which is good in a sense that it gets the product in the…

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - " Marshall sound in a nice combo"


    The 40 watts of EL34 are two really good presents, see bounds to play in an apartment! By repeating 'rock four out of ten it is present! So 12AX7 and EL34 Marshall combination always seems like a good recipe! UTILIZATION The buttons on top of the…

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - " Big surprise"


    Even notice ... UTILIZATION Yes. SOUNDS Style: BLUES - ROCK-VINTAGE ROCK. Strat Telecaster Les Paul Junior OVERALL OPINION For 1 year and a half I played with this amp. It is really great. Beautiful, vintage look. For those lo…

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - " A lamp to marshall all my gibson!"


    40W all-tube amp 2 channels several built-in effects: - Reverb, echo, vibe, chorus footswitch for: - Switch between two channels clean and lead - Activate the booster - Activate the reverb - Enable echo effects, vibe, chorus In repe…

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - " haze / sucks ..."


    40 watts tube ... I would say 10 watts and yet I'm nice! Indeed, there are effects, digital reverb that goes by the delay and against companies is average, it's the food. UTILIZATION you branches on a marshall, you know what to expect but frank…

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - " very good"


    40w tube amp - 2 channels. - 3-band EQ and presence control. - Button bright. - Reverb. - Section 3 digital effects (Delay / Echo, Vibe, Chorus) adjustable. - 2-way footswitch. - Buttons boost. - Line out to HP emulation. - Effects …

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - under-5150's review


    see below UTILIZATION Setup and adjustments fairly straightforward. In 15 minutes I have not found a suitable sound. If you want to play with this group: drop, he has no power you can argue with a 40w lamp. SOUNDS suitable for any style w…

  • Marshall MHZ112A

    Marshall MHZ112A - " SIMPLE EFFECTIVE"


    RAS really reproduce sound correctly with a vintage side that can not be neglected Reproach not only handle just above center on the practical side troujours not transported if one does not correct this I did with three hack and it works with the f…

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - " An amp that sounds .... "Ouahhh!""


    See below for a complete description. UTILIZATION Despite the number of buttons, we found it very very quickly (the pedal is a plus) No need to tweak for hours to get decent sound. The manual may be a weakling can (Comprising two pages of fea…

  • Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall MHZ40C - " Very good product"


    Everything has already been said. UTILIZATION Good sound quickly obtained. Not really need the manual. Too bad he is not an equation nor to separate the two channels .... The Master is powerful, good sound even at low volume. SOUNDS It is …