Marshall MHZ40C
Marshall MHZ40C

MHZ40C, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Haze series.

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Shark-Food 08/22/2010

Marshall MHZ40C : Shark-Food's user review

«  Any good »

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Amp 40W lamps
Effects: echo / flanger / chorus + reverb
1 + 1 clean channel overdrive
Effects loop


It's simple, you plug, you turn the knobs you press the buttons, there's the sound.
I do not think I opened the manual.


Then the big point: his
The clean channel I describe as "natural" is very good, and you ride, the more you crunch the "old" much like the Class 5.
The overdrive channel, we will not play it "is duly is gnial" it is the o apche, or he must climb really hard (in m me time a 40W is not a room, an apartment or shop test)
The crunch is a little soft, you have to admit, but putting him pitite pedal (I tried with Jemini has sent all good, but the best is that the guv'nor2 DLivre the Marshall sound that lacks the bbte)
So without pedal: yeah, blah and with: yessssssssssss
In addition, allow the pedal to get a good overdrive families even for low volume instantly.


Well, it's not the amp for dcnie, but it sounds good.
He is 10 years old I bought a hybrid for 3000Fr (450) 650 therefore not seems too theft, m ^^ th if Cygnus 450 a is downright instantly.
I had some amps (JCM 2000 TSL 100 and Orange Rockerverb), and even if it does not compare, it is honest.
A squeaker!