Marshall MHZ40C
Marshall MHZ40C

MHZ40C, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Haze series.

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All user reviews for the Marshall MHZ40C

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ampliatube's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Marshall sound in a nice combo"

Marshall MHZ40C
The 40 watts of EL34 are two really good presents, see bounds to play in an apartment! By repeating 'rock four out of ten it is present! So 12AX7 and EL34 Marshall combination always seems like a good recipe!


The buttons on top of the combo are much more readable and accessible in front! The combo version of it being more substantial than the small 15w head ... A = a tuning knob!


Good clear sound and rich bass can be as brilliant with bright function. It all depends on your guitar. Les Paul Studio on the medium are very nice to play guns, for it will take against pofiner with JS1000 not to saturate the low


A year rpeter and home! Sufficiently complete and autonomous for those who do not want to carry tons of pedals ...
Very good to get started in the world of amps has lamps combos! The top would be to replace the HP by a jensen Alnico or Celestion in 16ohms to have a real range of rock sounds

Geordie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Big surprise"

Marshall MHZ40C
Even notice ...





Les Paul Junior


For 1 year and a half I played with this amp. It is really great. Beautiful, vintage look.
For those looking for a simple amp for Blues-Rock vintage, well it's the one that she needs!
Beautiful clean channel, crunch quickly anyway, I only use this channel with a TS9 and it sends ....

Basic reverb, but live it is enough.

The - the effects settings (echo, vibe and chorus) are very limited. Depends who cares, it's a little gadget .. But the delay (echo more) worth a look, can make illusion to magnify the sound.

It is heavy, I do not like!

Titi035's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A lamp to marshall all my gibson!"

Marshall MHZ40C
40W all-tube amp
2 channels
several built-in effects:
- Reverb, echo, vibe, chorus
footswitch for:
- Switch between two channels clean and lead
- Activate the booster
- Activate the reverb
- Enable echo effects, vibe, chorus
In repeat, it is more than enough.
In concert, I transplanted the sound with a microphone to send the sound.


Easy to use. Nothing to say.


Its original clear: the fact that
But a Marshall, it especially needs a good lead sound. With this amp, Marshall offers its lead "vintage" ... Frankly terrible.
On the advice of my technician, I did change the original lamps with lamp "mesa boogie" EL34 and ECC83S. And, nothing to do .... With my Gibson Les Paul, I have THE sound slash ... Too good!
The clear sound became a little more crunchy. This is what I needed.

I also appreciate the built-in footswitchable boost: for solos, we feel the warm sound of the lamps.


I use it for 1 year.
The reverb and echo effects are nice. it avoids having too many effects pedals.
I tried a lot of amps, but 450EURO secondhand and with good lighting, I have not found better!

mobilete's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" haze / sucks ..."

Marshall MHZ40C
40 watts tube ... I would say 10 watts and yet I'm nice!
Indeed, there are effects, digital reverb that goes by the delay and against companies is average, it's the food.


you branches on a marshall, you know what to expect but frankly there in no sound, it is cold.
like a lot of amp is easy to use no need to book.


I play mostly rock.
I plugged my ESP 400 series telecaster. the sound was a bit messy I was wondering if there was really lamps. lack of power.
one nice crunch we recognize the "marchemal." spent 6 gain is poo pudding.
the clean sound is clear.


I played over an hour.
I had some marshall amps. one tsl jvm 410 and 601 one to finish a JCM 800 combo ... a 4010 single channel 50 watt 1982, the volume you déboîtait jaw was the typical brand. Now I'm on orange.

marshall all the current range is not bad, but this model is the worst I've tried.

patleroy02's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good"

Marshall MHZ40C
40w tube amp
- 2 channels.
- 3-band EQ and presence control.
- Button bright.
- Reverb.
- Section 3 digital effects (Delay / Echo, Vibe, Chorus) adjustable.
- 2-way footswitch.
- Buttons boost.
- Line out to HP emulation.
- Effects Loop.


haze40 the amp is a complete and easy to use


it is perfect for all styles
For my part I play blues and rock

the clean channel is perfect, the way is brigth
saturated channel is also of high quality despite the boost a bit feeble (corrrigé with blues Bracker: it is perfect)

I play with a ibanez fr1620


I use it on stage for 18 months and the only complaint I could make it is the poor quality of the original lamps, I recommend to replace:

Groove tubes 12AX7M (Mullard reissue of the original) by 3 for the preamp

and Groove Tubes GT-EL34-M (Mullard reissue of the original) to the power tubes

never replace Electro Harm .... or Sov ... (No power and its disastrous)

For my part I find the haze of 40 very good quality for the price

and all the people who do not find it terrible I advise them to change lamps
Then if they do not find good quality, they left their fingerprints has changed since this amplifier does not support approximate

under-5150's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall MHZ40C
see below


Setup and adjustments fairly straightforward.
In 15 minutes I have not found a suitable sound.
If you want to play with this group: drop, he has no power you can argue with a 40w lamp.


suitable for any style while being good in any!


At first I was ripe for a classic 30. I was looking for a small combo sounding blues / rock and is easy to carry.
As the store did not, I could test it, that seemed pretty close in features.
I love Marshall and more ... I said "Bingo" ...

But as they say Dubosc: that was before!

Grain and dynamic lights are nonexistent. It sounds cold ... the ultimate for any lamp!
Icing on the cake and it has no trunk. I asked the seller to push a little during the test (to shake these cardboard lamps), he replied: "I'm already back ....." True I checked by myself! A background in the store, certe large enough, but it did not look like anyone would obstruct ....

In short, I love this brand for its grain rock'n roll, but this would not serve you as you move towards this amp made in China, I also do not understand the rave reviews of previous opinions .

I forgot the guitar used was a PRS SE.

JustAguitarist's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An amp that sounds .... "Ouahhh!""

Marshall MHZ40C
See below for a complete description.


Despite the number of buttons, we found it very very quickly (the pedal is a plus)

No need to tweak for hours to get decent sound.

The manual may be a weakling can (Comprising two pages of features Haze 40 and after the characteristic of the head 15 W version)


Then ....
I'm in my trip GNR, Metallica, Old School, KSE (clean), ACDC ...
This amp has a sound of thunder in the clear, it is perfect for this kind of music.

Most of this amp is that it has the features "Bright" and "Boost"
The bright pushes the clean sound a lot further, and boost ... Then hang you, the surrounding objects will vibrate ...
However, I prefer to boost the drive channel with my Boss ML-2, and it gives off such a decibel level than it become ...


Can I use it since, but am already hooked.

I therefore advise anyone who wants to invest in a tube amp that sounds great, without having to sell an eye to afford it.

seb.girard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good product"

Marshall MHZ40C
Everything has already been said.


Good sound quickly obtained.
Not really need the manual.
Too bad he is not an equation nor to separate the two channels ....
The Master is powerful, good sound even at low volume.


It is perfect for my style, I play most of the good big crunch as large distos.Le clear sound is fabulous! Surprising for the Marshall at this price.
I played with a stratocaster japan 1986.
A TubeScreamer TS9 downstream.
This amp does not have an exceptional headroom, even with the boost engaged. For the cons very good boost for solos.
Power level: he seems less powerful than the classic 30 of my friend, which does not bother me because the potato is enough for me.


Purchased 500th postage included in Distrizic in September 2010. They made a sale at that price flash for 10 days, no blemishes, nothing, perfect. Hallucinating at this price, I still confused? ....
Even OCCAZ 'at this price, hurry!
Personally, this is the best value for money of all the amps I've owned.

Shark-Food's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Any good"

Marshall MHZ40C
Amp 40W lamps
Effects: echo / flanger / chorus + reverb
1 + 1 clean channel overdrive
Effects loop


It's simple, you plug, you turn the knobs you press the buttons, there's the sound.
I do not think I opened the manual.


Then the big point: his
The clean channel I describe as "natural" is very good, and you ride, the more you crunch the "old" much like the Class 5.
The overdrive channel, we will not play it "is duly is gnial" it is the o apche, or he must climb really hard (in m me time a 40W is not a room, an apartment or shop test)
The crunch is a little soft, you have to admit, but putting him pitite pedal (I tried with Jemini has sent all good, but the best is that the guv'nor2 DLivre the Marshall sound that lacks the bbte)
So without pedal: yeah, blah and with: yessssssssssss
In addition, allow the pedal to get a good overdrive families even for low volume instantly.


Well, it's not the amp for dcnie, but it sounds good.
He is 10 years old I bought a hybrid for 3000Fr (450) 650 therefore not seems too theft, m ^^ th if Cygnus 450 a is downright instantly.
I had some amps (JCM 2000 TSL 100 and Orange Rockerverb), and even if it does not compare, it is honest.
A squeaker!

valemtymes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall MHZ40C
already said above


The setup is simple? Yes very easy

The manual is clear and sufficient? ... I buy in the store and I did not have the manual

Do you get a good sound easy? Yes its a typical marshall


Will it fit your style of music? Yes I was looking for his marshall and I ais

With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play? I play a Fender Stratocaster with a modified cort x2 also changed and I have a boss cs3 ds2 and ch1

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate I prefer the clean car for a distortion must be very hard to push, which is impossible because it is very powerful O exceeds the 1.5


For how long have you been using it? Since December 2009
What thing do you like most/least about it? I like everything

What is your opinion about the value for the price? excellent
Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ... Yes no doubt