Marshall MHZ15
Marshall MHZ15

MHZ15, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the Haze series.

iamqman 11/15/2011

Marshall MHZ15 : iamqman's user review

« Meh not great but not bad »

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Marshall has been one of those companies that have still great quality hard rock and metal amplifiers. In recent years he been dumbing down the products and making it more affordable for people which is good in a sense that it gets the product in the hands of a budget musician but they also decrease their quality by doing this. This is where those amplifiers that is decent but not great. It's a 15 watt all tube amplifier. However the tone of this amplifier is just not there. You have preamp tubes and you have power amp tubes but it just doesn't have the right feel and right tone overall. It could be to transformers that are used but it just doesn't have that right touch and feel.



15W of all-tube power
Compact design for great tone that doesn't take up a lot of space
Vintage-style looks and construction
ECC83 preamp stage, 6V6 power amp
Normal and Overdrive channels with shared EQ
Emulated spring reverb Onboard effects: Echo, Chorus, and Vibe
Includes 2-button footswitch


The tone of this amp is not too bad but it's certainly is not great either. This is one of those amplifiers that is targeted at a budget musician who doesn't have a lot of experience playing the guitar and wants an all-encompassing guitar amplifier. WHat I mean by that is you have the added effects and different modulations that allow you to not use floor effects pedals or any rack mounted pedals. You get all your FX and amplifier settings in one head. This is convenient for people but for a professional, it's not to be acceptable.


These amps come in right at around $600 new. That's not a bad price for an amp, but if you can spend around $600 and I would say it up another hundred dollars can just go out and get Marshall JCM DSL and be done with it. That amplifier sounds fantastic and for the money at use price you can't really beat that. If you're not wanting to go that route you can also do Peavey amplifier like a 5150 for right around the same price so I would suggest going that route over this amplifier if you don't need the effects that are on board.