Marshall MHZ40C
Marshall MHZ40C

MHZ40C, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Haze series.

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under-5150 10/11/2012

Marshall MHZ40C : under-5150's user review


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see below


Setup and adjustments fairly straightforward.
In 15 minutes I have not found a suitable sound.
If you want to play with this group: drop, he has no power you can argue with a 40w lamp.


suitable for any style while being good in any!


At first I was ripe for a classic 30. I was looking for a small combo sounding blues / rock and is easy to carry.
As the store did not, I could test it, that seemed pretty close in features.
I love Marshall and more ... I said "Bingo" ...

But as they say Dubosc: that was before!

Grain and dynamic lights are nonexistent. It sounds cold ... the ultimate for any lamp!
Icing on the cake and it has no trunk. I asked the seller to push a little during the test (to shake these cardboard lamps), he replied: "I'm already back ....." True I checked by myself! A background in the store, certe large enough, but it did not look like anyone would obstruct ....

In short, I love this brand for its grain rock'n roll, but this would not serve you as you move towards this amp made in China, I also do not understand the rave reviews of previous opinions .

I forgot the guitar used was a PRS SE.