Marshall MHZ40C
Marshall MHZ40C

MHZ40C, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Haze series.

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JustAguitarist 09/20/2010

Marshall MHZ40C : JustAguitarist's user review

«  An amp that sounds .... "Ouahhh!" »

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See below for a complete description.


Despite the number of buttons, we found it very very quickly (the pedal is a plus)

No need to tweak for hours to get decent sound.

The manual may be a weakling can (Comprising two pages of features Haze 40 and after the characteristic of the head 15 W version)


Then ....
I'm in my trip GNR, Metallica, Old School, KSE (clean), ACDC ...
This amp has a sound of thunder in the clear, it is perfect for this kind of music.

Most of this amp is that it has the features "Bright" and "Boost"
The bright pushes the clean sound a lot further, and boost ... Then hang you, the surrounding objects will vibrate ...
However, I prefer to boost the drive channel with my Boss ML-2, and it gives off such a decibel level than it become ...


Can I use it since, but am already hooked.

I therefore advise anyone who wants to invest in a tube amp that sounds great, without having to sell an eye to afford it.