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Marshall MA user reviews

  • Marshall MA100H

    Marshall MA100H - "Just trash"


    Marshall MG 100 amplifier is a cheaper version of some of the other amplifiers and Marshall has done before. This is an all tube amplifier but it really doesn't sound like a tube amplifier in my opinion. It doesn't have the fell or punch enemies to l…

  • Marshall MA100H

    Marshall MA100H - "Not a fan of this series"


    Marshall is one of those companies that has gone down hill real quick. They are a business so I understand to make profits but there has to be some mistake with amps like these. If my name was Jim Marshall i would be embarrassed to put out garbage li…

  • Marshall MA100C

    Marshall MA100C - "Intro level price and sound"


    This is a entry level sounding and priced amp from Marshall. This is the intro tube version amp from Marshall which sounds the part. It is as lousy as you can imagine. The clean is the best part if you don't count the part of it being in the standby …

  • Marshall MA50C

    Marshall MA50C - "Trash!"


    This thing sound like it should be better thrown off a cliff then in your band. This is one of those amps that you ask yourself...why Marshall. I know they want to hit a lower priced market but have some respect for yourselves. This amp by no means w…

  • Marshall MA50C

    Marshall MA50C - " The sound of the legend."


    Marshall Amp-100W lamps. -A guitar input, the beast is a socket for the footswitch, ansi another for loop etc ... Presence of a stand-by and a reverb. -Two separate settings for both channels are also footswitchables (the boost is also). U…

  • Marshall MA50C

    Marshall MA50C - " Super versatile amp"


    It is an all-tube amp 50w DELIVERING, possessing 2 channels, integrated reverb, an effects loop and speaker outputs different. Clean with adjustable volume, bass, mid, high. Overdrive with Gain, Drive, Bass, Mid, High, Volume. A reverb contro…

  • Marshall MA100C

    Marshall MA100C - " the best value for money"


    All lamp: 3 x ECC83 and 4 x EL34. - 2 channels - 3-band EQ per channel independent. - 1 volume control per channel. - Boost knob (gain and volume) with switch on / off the boost. - Effects Loop. - Comes with a footswitch UTILIZATION c…