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Marshall MG4 news

  • [NAMM] Marshall MG2FX

    [NAMM] Marshall MG2FX

    01/14/10 in Marshall MG2FX

    Marshall Amplification is now shipping the MG2FX Mini Guitar Amplifier.

  • Marshall MG15FXMS Micro Stack

    Marshall MG15FXMS Micro Stack

    07/06/09 in Marshall MG15HFXMS

    The MG15FXMS Micro Stack is the latest addition to the MG4 Series of Marshall amplifiers.

  • Marshall MG2FX

    Marshall MG2FX

    07/02/09 in Marshall MG2FX

    Marshall Amplification has added the portable MG2FX to its popular MG4 line of guitar amps.

  • New Marshall MG4 Series

    New Marshall MG4 Series

    03/17/09 in Marshall MG4

    Marshall Amplification has renovated its MG guitar amp lineup with the new MG4 Series.