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McDSP user reviews


    McDSP CHROME TONE - "Many options"


    I originally started with the Demo download of McDSP Chrome Tone from the website to see if I liked it. They let me have a 14 day trial in which I used it just about every single day. I love the layout and interface of Chrome Tone because everything…

  • McDSP ML4000

    McDSP ML4000 - "a good tool"


    The McDSP ML4000 Mastering Limiter is a plug-in designed for use for mastering, but is also suitable for other limiting purposes.  After downloading the plug-in from Massey's website, which has an almost fully functional demo available for free, I ha…

  • McDSP Project Studio Bundle

    McDSP Project Studio Bundle - moosers's review


    The McDSP Project Studio Bundle is a plug-in set consisting of seven plug-ins, one of which is a virtual synthesizer and one of which is amp modeler. More specifically, included in the Project Studio Bundle are the Analog Channel (analog saturation)…

  • McDSP MC2000 HTDM

    McDSP MC2000 HTDM - moosers's review


    The McDSP MC2000 HTDM plug-in was quick and easy to install and I had no compatibility problems or any other types of issues.  After installing the plug-in it didn't take me too long to get accustomed to using the MC2000 as it is pretty user friendly…

  • McDSP DE555

    McDSP DE555 - moosers's review


    Installing the McDSP DE555 was a quick and easy process as I experienced no issues at all. I had no compatibility issues at all with my configuration and the interface of the plug-in couldn't be any easier to follow. The plug-in contains three sectio…

  • McDSP Synthesizer One

    McDSP Synthesizer One - moosers's review


    Installing the McDSP Synthesizer One was a quick process without any compatibility issues or problems at all. I bought this plug-in with the McDSP Project Pack plug-in bundle, and once I had downloaded it and had the authorization on my iLok, I had t…

  • McDSP FutzBox

    McDSP FutzBox - moosers's review


    The McDSP Futz Box was easy to install without any problems or issues. I had the plug-in up and running soon after I had it and there were no compatibility issues whatsoever. The interface of the McDSP Futz Box is very easy to follow and understand. …

  • McDSP Revolver

    McDSP Revolver - moosers's review


    The McDSP Revolver reverb plug-in was quick and easy to install. I bought it electronically as part of the McDSP Project Studio LE bundle, and had it up and running with my iLok within a matter of minutes. I had no compatibility issues with my machin…

  • McDSP ML4000

    McDSP ML4000 - moosers's review


    The McDSP ML4000 was quick and easy to install without any problems. I had no compatibility issues and since I bought it electronically, it was transferred straight to my iLok and had the plug-in running in a matter of minutes. I bought this plug-in …

  • McDSP Compressorbank

    McDSP Compressorbank - moosers's review


    The McDSP Compressorbank is variety of different compressors in plug-in form. I've been using the plug-in for about six month and I am running it in Pro Tools LE 7.4. I run Pro Tools on a Mac Book Pro that has a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and…