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Yamaha Microphones user reviews

  • Yamaha SubKick

    Yamaha SubKick - moosers's review


    The Yamaha Subkick is a unique microphone designed for recording really low frequencies.  It is unique in its design because it is actually a speaker that has been reversed and turned into a microphone.  I've seen a lot of studios have their own home…

Translated user reviews
  • Yamaha DM-105

    Yamaha DM-105 - " Not bad for a small price"


    Apparently it would be a vocal microphone, but you can even do anything with it! It is a dynamic microphone unidirectional. That's the technical description Available: Polar Pattern Unidirectional Frequency Response 40 Hz - 15 kHz Sensit…

  • Yamaha MC7

    Yamaha MC7 - " Excellent for recovery of micro wind"


    Omni microphone for wind instruments, flexible clamp pavilion, fits on the preamp for Yamaha Silent Brass. Supplied with two clamps to fit the lip thickness / diameter of the instrument on which you want to fix it. The clamps are covered with sili…

  • Yamaha G-1D

    Yamaha G-1D - " A version of Yamaha GK2"


    The G1D is similar in all respects the good old Roland GK2. With one exception, the jack "Guitar" which is in 3.6 format against a single 6.35 Roland. The build quality is fairly light and has ultimately nothing to envy to GK2 is the m ^ m level in…