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berl 04/17/2012

Yamaha MC7 : berl's user review

«  Excellent for recovery of micro wind »

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Omni microphone for wind instruments, flexible clamp pavilion, fits on the preamp for Yamaha Silent Brass.

Supplied with two clamps to fit the lip thickness / diameter of the instrument on which you want to fix it. The clamps are covered with silicone to prevent scratching or slipping.

This is an electret which requires a power supply. For my part, I use an adapter or AKG mic phantom of JTS, but an AKG B29 power supply can do the trick. Of course, it can also be connected to an RF transmitter.


I use MC7 since about 2000.

Low price, excellent rendering of wind instruments (flute, clarinet, oboe or bombard but uillean pipe).

Handy clip, good quality thread (no cuts, for example).

Caution is therefore an omni gaffe to return! A transverse, near the mouth, it gives an exceptional record.