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  • Microtech Gefell MV 690

    Microtech Gefell MV 690 - "In the line of the Neumann and MV691"


    This MV690 preamp is the first version of the MV691 and MV692. It can be used with M70 or M94 capsules, but also other models such as the omnidirectional M93. Mine is equipped with a cardioid M70 with nickel diaphragm. This is a real condenser mi…

  • Microtech Gefell DM 622

    Microtech Gefell DM 622 - moosers's review


    The Microtech Gefell DM 622's are vintage small diaphragm dynamic microphones that are somewhat rare and unknown. I only had the chance to try these out recently when I was an assistant engineer on a session where the engineer brought them in to us…

  • Microtech Gefell M 300

    Microtech Gefell M 300 - moosers's review


    The Microtech Gefell M 300 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone that is designed for use in the recording studio. Microtech Gefell is a company that was founded by Georg Neumann, obviously of Neumann fame, so these mics are in the same vein as …

  • Microtech Gefell M 930

    Microtech Gefell M 930 - moosers's review


    The Microtech Gefell M 930 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone designed to be used in a professional recording studio environment. This review is specifically for the M 930, as I haven't used the M 940. However, I believe that the only differ…

  • Microtech Gefell PM 860

    Microtech Gefell PM 860 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Bernard Ancèze/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Cardioid mic Condenser mic 12-volt Tuchel phantom connector or 48-volt XLR connector (modified) Hand-held mic. OVERALL OPINION It's a radio-type mic that can be us…

Translated user reviews
  • Microtech Gefell UM 92.1 S

    Microtech Gefell UM 92.1 S - " Mic character"


    Condenser microphone studio lamp. OVERALL OPINION I use this mic since 1999. I thought to purchase a Neumann and then my seller gave me the opportunity to try this model in UM92.1S of Microtech Gefell. I did not know this brand. After tests on vo…

  • Microtech Gefell MV 692 UM70

    Microtech Gefell MV 692 UM70 - Bernard Ancèze's review


    The mv692 is the prampli. 12V phantom and Tuchel or modified 48v and XLR. The SPECIFICATIONS are those of the current UMT 70S Microtech-Gefell: 40 ... 18000 Hz 7mv/Pa in omni 13mv/Pa in cardio 8mv/Pa in 8 O = SPL: 139dB, C: 134dB, 8: 13…

  • Microtech Gefell PM 860

    Microtech Gefell PM 860 - Bernard Ancèze's review


    Cardio A capacitor 12v phantom 48v connector Tuchel or modified XLR Micro hand. OVERALL OPINION Its a typical microwave radio, quite sensitive to feedback on scne. Still usable, but if the returns are complicated, its not the PM860 that wil…

  • Microtech Gefell cmv 563

    Microtech Gefell cmv 563 - poolos91's review


    For singing, guitar and a bunch of acoustic instruments. Attention relatively fragile. (Year 1930) Micro lamp ec 92 (I think), replaceable today. OVERALL OPINION I use it for 4 months warm sound really different from ms Neumann today. (Comp…

  • Microtech Gefell PM 860

    Microtech Gefell PM 860 - U-FLYstudio's review


    Micro-look very East German! PM takes the look of the 750 even if the capsule is not the same it has a-10dB attenuator and a high pass filter it is a very precise directivity cardio with high rejection of off-axis OVERALL OPINION A very hom…