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MIDI Cables user reviews

  • Hosa MID301N MIDI 30 cm

    Hosa MID301N MIDI 30 cm - moosers's review


    The Hosa MID301N is a simple MIDI cable that I have used in the recording studio for a variety of different applications. I've used these cables with MIDI keyboards to send information to a MIDI interface, as well as for use with a Mackie HUI to sen…

Translated user reviews
  • Klotz MID-030

    Klotz MID-030 - radikal's review


    KLOTZ is a German brand that is very serious and very clear good quality products without breaking the bank (Monster Cable, lol) Cable 5 year warranty by manufacturer! used for 2 years, very clear good quality cable, gold plated terminals. MID…

  • Yellow Cable MD1

    Yellow Cable MD1 - radikal's review


    2 years Price, Cheap J have no markings of other cables .. and Klotz, Roland. with a midi cable that does not transmit any signals (death.. dustbin live) I do enjoy my monitor all MIDI cables (all pins one by one) with the help of a tester, wel…