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M-Audio MIDI Controllers user reviews

  • M-Audio Key Rig 49

    M-Audio Key Rig 49 - "good but nothing special"


    M Audio Key Rig 49 is a midi controller that can be used in almost any software that is on the market. I think it’s a good handy little midi controller even though I got rid of it because I wanted more octaves so I when with a 61 midi keyboard in the…

  • M-Audio Axiom 25

    M-Audio Axiom 25 - "My 2nd Favorite Small Scale Midi Keyboard"


    The M-Audio Axiom 25 is a 25 key, semi weighted keyboard, with 8 pads, 8 knobs, a set of transports and a modulation and pitch bend wheel. The feel of this keyboard is AWESOME. I HIGHLY recommend the larger size models of this line for a keyboard, bu…

  • M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2

    M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2 - "Meh controller, wouldn't recommend"


    I borrowed this off a friend who bought it for about 163 bucks off ebay. It is a basic 25 key MIDI keyboard with 8 Knobs A pitch bend and modulation wheel and some other various buttons. This is a pretty average Midi keyboard, nothing special at all,…

  • M-Audio Ozone

    M-Audio Ozone - "compact"


    The M audio Ozone is a very small and compact midi keyboard that will sync up with your program even if there isn’t a preset config for it, you can just use generic controller. It has plenty of knobs that you can assign to what you want to assign the…

  • M-Audio Axiom 25

    M-Audio Axiom 25 - "Axiom is one of the better midi keyboards"


    The M Audio Axiom 25 is a great midi keyboard that will work with virtually any computer music software. I am pretty sure at their website they also have updates just in case that for some reason it doesn't work with your DAW or Sequencing program. Y…

  • M-Audio Ozonic

    M-Audio Ozonic - "Nice and easy"


    The M Audio Ozonic is a pretty good midi controller, its one of the first ones that I had a chance to use. There are enough sliders that you can program all of your knobs in your digital audio workstation to them and be good too go. This keyboard is …

  • M-Audio Axiom Pro 61

    M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 - "not worth it"


    The M Audio Axiom Pro 61 usb is a decent midi controller but not as good as some of the others on the market. It does not send a Midi Note Off (CC64=000) to sustained notes when switching Midi channels via the "Zones" feature...a very risky proposi…

  • M-Audio Axiom Pro 61

    M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 - moosers's review


    The M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 is an in depth MIDI controller, an enhanced version of the standard Axiom 61. As the name suggests, the keyboard has 61 keys and also features eight trigger pads, assignable parameters knobs, and assignable sliders. It has …

  • M-Audio Keystation 88es

    M-Audio Keystation 88es - "For your home studio"


    The M Audio Keystation 88es comes with the very basic features that you expect from a decent midi controller keyboard, including MIDI ins and outs, USB, a DC in port (but no included wall wart, which is no loss since the unit can be powered by the US…

  • M-Audio Key Rig 49

    M-Audio Key Rig 49 - "great midi controller"


    I came across the M Audio Key Rig 49 because, I was looking for a larger controller to use with Reason, and came across this one for a great price. I was hesitant to buy it since I was afraid it was too cheaply made to hold up to regular use, but it …