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Roland MIDI Gear user reviews

  • Roland A-88

    Roland A-88 - " Nice keyboard! Very nice"


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? The affected! a true 88 keys which is nice. Weight! UTILIZATION The touch keyboard is it enjoyable? Is it your use? And yes it is very good! The manual is clear and sufficient? ... I di…

  • Roland A-880

    Roland A-880 - " Very useful tools ..."


    I have a very oriented "hardware" installation and therefore the number of MIDI devices to manage demand a minimum of organization. In fact, I use it in conjunction with an Edirol UM-880 MIDI interface. My multitimbral machines are directly conn…

  • Roland GR-55GK

    Roland GR-55GK - " Can do far better!"


    See it on the Roland website is well presented throughout Europe. We must sell their property. UTILIZATION Ouch! it hurts! Using too complex for my taste. Roland's engineers are more cerebral user! And that's a shame! Why? Because they always f…

  • Roland UM-One

    Roland UM-One - " Good but Incompatible IPAD"


    Self-powered, small, stable, a very good value for money, solid looking, with a good cable length, designed by a registered mastering MIDI, this unit is ideal for small configurations or mobile. However, there are two versions of this device and the …

  • Roland GR-20

    Roland GR-20 - " Professional equipment within the reach of all"


    Has a complete connection and nothing is missing. GK connection my Godin was made for this. Remained just connect to an amp. UTILIZATION Configuration and simple manual and portends huge potential. The programming is against a fairly high level w…

  • Roland GR-55GK

    Roland GR-55GK - " Bad!"


    See reviews for other features. I simply say that the connection is very complete. UTILIZATION The general configuration is simple for anyone accustomed to this kind of material. For those menus and "digital" repel settings, operate the unit as l…

  • Roland GR-55S

    Roland GR-55S - " To avoid absolutely"


    Pedal supposed to convert your synth bass and without latency .. unfortunately this is not true and the low latency is presents and makes the pedal unusable for any type of srieux game. In addition, the more you will make more low notes latency wi…

  • Roland PK-5A

    Roland PK-5A - " Roland Keyboard noon PK5A dynamic soil"


    I go here to rate this PK5A. It's all good though since the PK6 is out and features a screen to better control the machine (but the price is quite heavy around € 600 .... I got mine for 250 € on ebay!) The previous opinion is very well done and v…

  • Roland A-49

    Roland A-49 - " super"


    - I was looking for a small master keyboard bosser a fairly simple trick without dozens of integrated crap, I was upset to have a system of integrated optical modulation because I'm sure it helps to increase the price, but for me it ' is uninterestin…

  • Roland MKB1000

    Roland MKB1000 - " I love Super Keyboard Master"


    I needed a heavy touch keyboard The connections with the pedals are there and doing their job. UTILIZATION All my parts keyboards Happiness for pianists OVERALL OPINION I do not recommend carrying. It is super heavy unless you hate it a g…