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Computer Music user reviews

  • Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7

    Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7 - ""Nothing really new, a Gp6 even more bugger and unstable. unacceptable !"


    This is a translation of my french review. Configuration: Windows 7 HP Sp1 and Windows 10 Portable Asustek notebook K72jk 4 GB 64 bit Installation: No problems, for authorization. Use: No worries, on almost GP6, several changes, everyth...

  • LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven

    LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven - "An affordable Bricasti M7 !"


    If you love quality reverb units but are too tight to afford a Bricasti M7… Well, here’s bad news for you: you’re about to regret all of your previous purchases! This reverb is sheerly impressive. No chorus, metal and so on effect on board, it’s all ...

  • Waves Butch Vig Vocals

    Waves Butch Vig Vocals - "Experimental Jet Set, Garbage and 3 stars."


    Pro Tools 12.5 / MacBook Pro 2015 Fashion of the time is what it is, and one can think what one wants of it (always start with a deepest thought...) In Waves’ Signature plugin series (Chris Lord-Age, Eddie Kramer, Jack Joseph Puig...), here com...

  • Acustica Audio Lime

    Acustica Audio Lime - "Great-sounding -- but a real CPU hog"


    Tried it on a Mac PRO 12 Cores w/ 64GB RAM - OS Sierra - Logic Pro 10.3 This plugin is quite easy to use, like a console channel. The GUI is realistic and inspiring. The sound perfectly and impressively reproduces the typical Neve sound in its...

  • Voodoo Lab GCX Audio Switcher

    Voodoo Lab GCX Audio Switcher - "Great switcher!"


    I have the original Digital Music Corp Ground Control Midi pedal to go with this. I have a large rack system and this is a must have!!!!!! Amazing quality and the Buffer is a must for me to use. 8 independent loops that can also switch an amp channel...

  • Acustica Audio Ivory IAE-2

    Acustica Audio Ivory IAE-2 - "Warm and soft"


    I use it with Logic Pro X . Running on a Mac Pro 12 Cores 64Gb Ram. Very easy to use and no special issue Amazing product. Not too greedy CPU . It sounds like an analog EQ. Can be use on a track, Bus or Master Bus. . ....

  • G-Sonique PsyKick AK1

    G-Sonique PsyKick AK1 - "muy bueno"


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  • Fatar / Studiologic Acuna 73

    Fatar / Studiologic Acuna 73 - "Studiologic Acuna 73, no compotition"


    I have not had this long but am impressed so far . There does not seem to be much competition in this price range for 73 or 76 weighted keyboards. I use it with a computor and also with midi with a Roland VR09 as a light weight set up for smaller gi...

  • Waves H-Reverb

    Waves H-Reverb - "The Swiss Army knife of on-the-go reverbs..."


    Igniting a reverb so as it integrates to the source material in a perfectly natural manner is an incredibly difficult thing to do. To me, only hardware mabages to do it in a natural, systematic and quick way. But I don’t always have my studio with m...

  • Acustica Audio Tan

    Acustica Audio Tan - "My teacher said this would make the voice warm"


    I haven't tried it yet, and now I'm trying to fill it all up for it I haven't tried it yet, and now I'm trying to fill it all up for it I haven't tried it yet, and now I'm trying to fill it all up for it I haven't tried it yet, and now I'm trying ...