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All user reviews for the Genz-Benz Shuttle 3.0-10T

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
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Emmanuel Delahaye04/24/2014

Emmanuel Delahaye's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Concentrate power and quality!"

Genz-Benz Shuttle 3.0-10T
Separable amp head (Shuttle 3.0) transistor Class D (180W into 8 ohms, 300W into 4 ohms). And it is not junk Watts ...

1 jack to mute the instrument (and its red light!) Output jack for standard HP and Speakon for extra HP.

1 output jack for the tuner
1 output XLR male (integrated DI) with switches:
- Line level / mic
- Pre / post EQ
- Ground loop

An input / output (2 jacks) to insert an effect (or effects chain ...)
1 auxiliary input (useful for sharing the receiver using a mixer ...)
1 TRS headphone output.

No built-in effects, but a 3-band EQ (parametric medium) and preset curves ...

Adjustable input level
Adjustable output level

All knobs are rotary and notched.

HP tilt.


Simple configuration. Do not hesitate to fumble a bit at first. The doc is well made and still present in my tablet (PDF). I like having the block in front ...

This gives a very good sound quickly and easily!


I used to trad (Irish) and Balkanik (its dry and powerful). Perfect in both cases for me. Its very pure, very precise, very rhythmic (normal for a low ...) Tried with different bass (electro-acoustic solidbody 4, 5 string fretless). Each time, my bass is the sound that goes well, and dream of having the same ... Also perfect for bass.

Incredible power delivered by this little combo that weighs only 8 kg (class D amp ...). Perfect for repeated, of course, but also on stage (a second chamber would be welcome to have big sound).


Use for 4 years. This is my first and only bass amp and I am very very happy. I chose it mainly for weight and small footprint and I discovered its qualities by now! For once, I was lucky (but I was very well advised by the people of Bass Center in Paris).

Apart from its outstanding sound quality, I was very pleasantly surprised by the clever design of connectivity, including integrated DI and auxiliary input (I plug in two other instruments over again). Perfect also for instruments like guitar, bouzouki, the tambura, violin and even keyboards, because the bandwidth is complete.

I not only do the selection, but I highly recommend bassists 'soft' (jazz, lounge ...). No question of rock or metal, of course ... (but why there are larger models with Genz Benz)

Rennfly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My best friend"

Genz-Benz Shuttle 3.0-10T
So first, let's turn specs.

-Designed in USA, made in Taiwan.
Head-transistor Class D
Single-175W, 300W with an additional speaker (knowing that you can use Original HP HP simultaneously with another, however the volume is common to both).
-1 Power output jack 6.35
-1 Additional output speakon
-1 Integrated DI (with 3 switch well useful are:
* Line / Mic (for input level)
* Pre / Post EQ (very handy if you decide to process the sound via the EQ of the table on which it is connected or not)
* Lift / Ground (not being an expert I guess that is the problem of mass and therefore buzz)

One loop effect (classical)
1 tuner output (also classic but practical to remove the dry signal to another source.

Equalizer: bass, semi-parametric midrange, treble
3 switches to accentuate low, medium and / or acute
1 mute button

1 knob gain, 1 master

Baffle: 1 HP 10 "(far from ready to compete with a drummer upset, it will be perfect in your home or for rehearsals soft (jazz etc. ..) it holds the road well).



Weight: 9.8kg

And the head is only around a pound!


Regarding the config nothing very complicated, gain, 4 pots for a master EQ. And three grandchildren bitognos for Signal Shape (low, med, high).

At the manual, I do not have it open. Nothing is very complicated, I just put a little time to understand how to work the EQ parametric mids.

It is very easy to get a good sound with, seen with the right équalo (any amount at noon and switch "signal shape" turn off) and well it sounds terrible.
The sound is rather typical modern but the whole spectrum is present and dynamic, whether the original hp on another hp (via speakon) or via DI.


I play in a jazz band that grows to a little funk and I think this amp is perfect in this register there. I use it without extra hp and connected to the sound system in addition (except in larger concert, where I add a stack).

In all cases the result is convincing. I usually use the right équalo enough to let shine my bass settings. But sometimes I correct a little depending on the configuration of the room where I play.

However the "Signal Shape" I was fairly disappointed, I think it "food" completely the signal frequencies and suddenly dynamics. It can be used in case of "fig leaf" but never embellish the sound.

In recording setup I used in three ways:

* With a microphone in front of the output + DI post EQ.
* Only DI post EQ.
* Output DI post EQ + amp simulation on a low lamp output via tuner 8x10 (dry signal).

Well I must say that it is this configuration that is most effective. The DI output is right, meets the spectrum and dynamic bass, while the simulation adds grain and bass.

Generally the sound is clearer than fat, so that the amps that focuses on the Jazz, Funk / Soul Rock view of (soft) but in no case is built for Metal or Another Hardcore style.

I use it with a low typical jazz bass, a fretless (micro precision and JB), and more recently with 6 strings Cort.
Microphone with which I was most impressed is the micro precision (american standard). The sound is just superb.

I also used this amp with a guitar (Ibanez Artcore), and the result is truly stunning. For the jazz style it works wonders. A true Swiss Army knife this amp!


I use it for 7 months now. And I do not regret my purchase. I did a lot of concerts, studio, or even work in my apartment with. It is simple I do not let go.

Its large range of configurations, large sonic possibilities and dimensions are reduced more than the best friend I'm the bassist.
I think in the future I pay a good extra hp to complement the base to further increase the panel that wonderful sound amplifiers.

The value for money is relatively good, although there is still quite expensive, I think it is worth its weight in peanuts .. uh gold pardon!

So eyes closed I (re) throw it.

geremi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" This is a killer"

Genz-Benz Shuttle 3.0-10T
Power 175W / 8 ohms and 300W / 4 Ohms
Class D amplifier
Wide range of input gain sensitivity to active / passive
Active EQ
3-band signal circuit
Tuner Output
Headphone jack connector
Auxiliary input
Limiter circuit
LED indicator
10 "NEO and tweeter
Outputs Speakon and 1/4 "
Full XLR Direct Out Interface
Removable Amp Chassis

Dimensions 393.7 x 355.6 x 398.45mm
Weight 8.16kg


Usage is very simple there is a sound without too quickly to bother.
The knobs are notched, making it also more accurate setting, we know exactly where it is!!
The equalizer is particularly effective, and the signal shape is quite formidable.
The connector is a high quality.
Power level it does, it is my verse with the STL-10T cabinet of the same brand and it's really great, really surprised, not so much by power but mainly by the diffusion of sound.
With the additional baffle all done about 15 kg, the combo in one hand, the enclosure and the other bass in the back and there will gaily.
For story, I had a triple body just before (a head and 4x10 2x), and when I returned home with the Genz Benz, my boy, about 2 years, thought it was an amp for him because it was just as big as him.
The HP is just as surprising as they cash in really well, I play a lot of percussion, slap, pick, and a stop I'm not tender, and then frankly it's really good, it's on after that will not the big metal floor shaking Bercy but that is not the purpose of this type of amp.


In sound when I had a lot of amp, Hartke, ampeg, swr, etc. Gallien Krueger. is frankly he did not blush.
The sound is quite right, does not color too, reproduces the sound of the bass and the sound we want to give the bass.
For an amp of this size, I repeat it boggles the mind.
I play on an Ibanez model ATK600 rise 40/95 and a model SD4 godion mounted flat mesh 45/105 and with two bass that makes him serious.

One complaint, for the feast of music I played outside with a drummer, a keyboard, a guitar and I was transplanted everyone except me and I missed a bit of power but frankly it's only me who have said.

There are many people who passed me the expression, "band" for markbass, but I think it's downright better.
That's when the sound is I do not see what else to say.


It's been a almost 1 year I bought this amp, no longer having my rock band and not wanting to do as the replacement, I wanted to get rid of my triple body (too heavy) and I fell on this set in a music mag, which sold off its entire stock, as party to the other (buy markbass) I tried this amp and frankly I stayed on my ass at the given power-weight-distribution.
I tried markbass and I was more less.
As I say above a slight lack of power in the open, but hey we are often transplanted and when you're next to the amp it still hums.

At me for money it was because I bought it less than the price of the combo alone

Yes I rachèterais this amp without problem, the shuttle can be 6, but it is on that I would resume Genz Benz
Ny Batteri10/11/2010

Ny Batteri's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A true portable amp, discover!"

Genz-Benz Shuttle 3.0-10T
Head transistors, Class D
Only 175W, 300W with an additional speaker
A power output jack 6.35mm
An additional output Speakon
1 DI output
An effects loop output
1 tuner output

Equalizer: bass, medium rather semi-parameter, acute
3 switches to accentuate low, medium and / or acute
A mute button

1 Knob for master gain

No effect, no Pre-amp lamp either.
Note: The better version  (Shuttle 6.0) has a pre-amp lamp
In short, classical and it proves itself

Finish very good: screen processing, chassis and buttons look solid

Speaker: 1x10 "(also available in 8" and 12 ")

Dimensions and weight are a dream to fragile bassplayers like me (less then 10 kg)


The handling is very simple. The manual (in English) I used mainly for rglages DI.
EQs at noon rang dja. Plutt very good, then!
I put 9 for the manual is not translated, even if I did not have gn.


I tried it with DIFFERENT bass (jazz bass deluxe active, precision passive bass, gibson EB-2 (half body) in all 4 strings.
Styles: pop, soul, some jazz ...

This amp is very transparent, we can not say it provides staining particulire. Very good dynamics, good rendering techniques "percussive" (block string, slap ...)

In short, a sound not too tipical  but of very good quality.
Note that the sound of the DI is also very good: no noise what so ever.

With an additional speaker (a 2x10 Mesa / Boogie for me), it has taken  another dimension: it keeps a super DEFINITION, but with additional  depth . We feel the 300W!
Note that I've never tried it with 5 strings (not my thing), You will have to try it yourself
I I'll give it a 9, but is only for my use.


I use it for 1 1 / 2 years approximately.
I was looking for a very portable amp, powerful enough to play small venues, and evolutionary play in larger venues.
I have not tried many models because ... there has not until this crneau!
Markbass, has sounded ok, but I hang not at all with the look (and play all the same!).
Phil Jones has really micro-amp, I had doubts about the long-term durability.
I tried it and it got the tape.

It is not as big a mouth stack, has not much to mine, but does it well!

jpcoolbass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genz-Benz Shuttle 3.0-10T
Amplification type: transistor
dlivre power: 175W / 8 ohms - 300W / 4 ohm
connections: one between jack frontage, the rear an effects loop, an Auxiliary input, a tuner output, a headphone jack, Speakon output for the speaker and Additional DI

settings: a mute button, a volume of between semi parametric equalizer assets, three buttons boost or signal shape (bass, mid, treble) and volume of output.


No need to take the head, the amp is very simple and sounds right away.
the rglages are simple and effective and the three buttons signal shape quickly become indispensable.
the sound is very polivalent and I t litralement bluff by the power that comes from such a small amp! everything what you want quickly sound slap on her nice round sends has no worries!
the manual is in English as usual but I had no personal need to read it.


I bought this amp because I could not stand to carry my amp ashdown in RPTE. 46 kg for barely 10 now, there is no photo! my back and my friends tell me thank you ...
I use it with a low energy status 4 and I am more than satisfied with the result.
I ssay DI on a boss br 1600 and is super clean.


I use it for two weeks and I am completely satisfied.
there is nothing for this award the throw, size and minimum weight for maximum efficiency of I compared with phil jones FLIGHTCASE BG-150, but I take it the prfr , I found he had more potatoes. it is guaranteed for 3 years.
what else to say ...?