JimboSpins 10/06/2012

Numark Virtual Vinyl : JimboSpins's user review

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Numark’s Virtual Vinyl is a DJ Software complete system that comes with an audio interface. It comes priced in at about 450 and it is worth every penny of it! You can mix, scratch and sample all of your audio files with this analog turntable. It comes with CUE 5 software that will run on your system without any issues, it is easy to install and doesn’t take up much of your CPU. You can visually check your mix right on the screen, you don’t have to have speakers to do it on if you don’t want. You can run your audio or video out to a system that is external like in a club and everyone else can see and hear what you are doing very easily. Now I wouldn’t want to use this system as my main set up, just because I don’t feel it is a good enough work flow for me, and part of the reason is because I am just not as comfortable with it is I would like to be but over time it will grow on me. It has been out for a few years now though I have only had it for a year and maybe used it a total of 50 hours or so just messing around. I have not used it in a live setting and probably won’t because I just don’t trust it yet.

It is a good system to buy for someone who wants the whole experience of using hardware with software. As long as you have a fast computer you should be able to work well with it. I have used several similar systems and most of them are all priced at about the same number so I am pretty sure it’s a standard value for the price. I wouldn’t purchase this if you are a full time working DJ though.