Cort C5
Cort C5

C5, 5+ string bass guitar from Cort in the Artisan series.

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All user reviews for the Cort C5

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 6 reviews )
 5 reviews83 %
 1 user review17 %
Target:AnyoneValue For Money:Excellent
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Mike Bass05/03/2017

Mike Bass's review" One of the best 5 string active basses"

Cort C5
+ I 'm still using this till today.(15+ years after) it's working perfectly.lovely the sound, high quality production. One of the best 5 string active basses that i ever played. Very low price for this quality.:bravo:

- the mighty mite pickups are ok for beginners but if you want something else better you can change them. ;)

Poire-Abricot's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Balze!"

Cort C5
Lower Corenne, mahogany I think, 24 frets, 2 microphones kinds Barto, a micro tonality slecteur, low-high EQ knobs 2 spars, active electronics, easel 2 part ( on older models like mine) like warwick current high-end


The handle


It corresponds to the metal, but moderately funk, this is probably the microphones has pitched in my half dead ...
I dteste the sonority flat damn acute microphones! Chang it will sound!
With the neck pickup sound is very fat, low Mtal by excellence!
This softens his thanks to the amp is very roots
This bass is a fat bass, which would not please the jazz bass lovers, whatever with new pickups why not?


I use it for 1year, achetea possdant the musician for 5 years
I tried many other models, but this one had its most gentle and pleasant, unlike yamaha for example, much more synthetics
200 this low ide ... what !? I would have put 400 !!!
This price quality ratio is the best of all time!
I have already changed the saddle for a graphite (the prcdent granted in the mid ground if r), which makes the sound clearer to 7
I'm sick of this damn micro acute that cowardly after 6yrs x)
I'll get big EMG I think, slap and metal powa w3

gdk's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort C5
Well, it's a Korean Cort, but the finish is quite good, and everything is solid. There are 24 frets, all super-accessible (even acute). The sound is adjusted correctly, there are four knobs, and pickups are adequate without being revolutionary (even fully) to make a very good sound (after, it also depends on the amp). The neck is thin, the strings are closer together but this is not very annoying (unlike ...). In short, hardware issue, that's great for anyone who starts, I think (I do, I like it, then it is a sufficient criterion). Maybe a professional would find fault, but I put 10, because in addition, it has a beautiful color, dark red, so simple ...


Uh, for sound, I find it very well, but again, I think it depends on the amp. I have a Behringer BX 1200, and I have no problem, no sizzle, no spin, but some Feedback not his fault ...
Weight, ah, weight, yes, it's heavy bass, but that's how they are all heavy! What is it that keeps it under control and is well balanced. Ergonomics are good, say, classic. The handle is very nice, no problem.


Well, I started when her issue I'm not very demanding, say that I have my sound, not yet, but I'm working. I feel we can play everything from jazz (that's what I do), but also rock, metal I guess, and short, I'd rather not say anything. For me it is perfect. I have a way with Ibanez, who had probably cost more, and frankly, it's disappointing! I prefer the sound of my own.
I play without effects. The amp is a Behringer BX 1200 and like I said when playing in groups, it provides!


I bought six months ago (via this site also ...) but I could not bring myself seriously for two months. I like his aesthetic (you can do without, but better to take a bass that you like it!) And the color of his sound. The value is incomparable: it's good (even great) stuff (I made several low budget and several teachers of low and was elected handily) and price (400 €) is small compared to its equivalent in other brands. I would do this choice, without hesitation half a second! Of course, if you can afford to pay you a warwick, well do it ...

gigi74's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort C5
I play it for 6 months.

Good low to get the 5 string, very easy to play in general, requires a little work for the slap because the strings are pretty tight compared to other models.
Finish very correct, very lightly.
Attention to the handle, it is fine enough so fragile, the metal quality of the adjustment screw neck (truss rod) is rather "light" show quickly if it does not take all the precautions (ie the only downside).
The sound is good, deep bass, treble well restored, but the pickups are not bartolini ...
type with a Hartke amp, the sound is néamoins Excellent range and in the end is complete.
I play a warwick amp 300 watts.


Access to acute is easy
Avoid large, however, tie ropes to me


It can accommodate many styles of music


Value for great price.
With the experience I would perhaps additional model, the B5

kurly's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort C5
So it is a Korean as most of the cort, a 5-string 24 frets with two micro palisandre Double splitter you can thanks to two pota acute and severe. Both are controlled by micro two different volume knob which permert good control in choosing the volume of each microphone. The handle is round, which is rare on a string. One downside, the tailpiece that I find somewhat complicated and cumbersome to set it.


On this bass the neck is so thin it does not notice that it is a 5-string level speed of play is perfect. Access to acute is very good even though it starts getting a little hard. The ergonomics of the bass is exellent as sitting and standing despite a weight heavy enough that just simply remove with a good strap.


This bass fits any style of music, it a wide pallet of sound well fat through a snapping sound and clear. I play with this bass amp peavey on giving it a particularly powerful sound especially active while the tears ca.


I use it for 6 months and I had a problem with Jamis' except that the tailpiece prris my head when changing the string "Ya not say I would not trade against any other model. Before buying it I said "Cort nan" but now I take everything she says jai Surpac even an ibanez that costs € 200 + to be even. Level quality / price ratio there is no better.

Wacobeast's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort C5
If it is the characteristics teechnique s you are interested, check out the site builder. Anyway to sum up the whole, more than correct a violin, a preamp that has nothing to be ashamed (see below) and an eye for detail (push-pull active / passive) that make it a legendary instrument not (must not abuse), but a great value price!


No joke, I tried lots of bass 5 string active until a max price of 750 euros. I found the yamaha uncomfortable, but hey it's personal, the other major public low, ibanez, warwick, and others, all have a nickel, licked, so clean and "normalized" (in the true sense of the word) I had the impresseion to play with the bass sounds of my keyboard. the sound of the Cort is thick as syrup f'érable, but he can also be velvet paw ... I use it alternately clear, with a large lamp disto a H & K and frankly, if love although the low overwritten both excited moving about on their six strings, try the C5! unbeatable value for money!


It's not a good Noguera is on but it's also affordable


The ball