Cort Electric Basses Cort 5+ string bass guitars
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Cort 5+ string bass guitars user reviews

  • Cort C5

    Cort C5 - " One of the best 5 string active basses"


    + I 'm still using this till today.(15+ years after) it's working perfectly.lovely the sound, high quality production. One of the best 5 string active basses that i ever played. Very low price for this quality.:bravo: - the mighty mite pickups are…

  • Cort Curbow5

    Cort Curbow5 - "Cort Curbow 5 String"


    Bought it second hand from a friend, used for a few years and sold it. It's a good bass I just have others that I prefer, just my personal feel, this could be your dream bass. Very playable, 24 frets and and extra few frets and the lower strings, w…

  • Cort Curbow5

    Cort Curbow5 - "Cort Curbow 5 String w/Bartolini"


    Been a professional musician for 8 years. I play 6-8 shows a month in a Metal/Hard Rock band. It's an active stage show where we are moving around quite a bit from the drum riser to the stage to the floor. I "inherited" one of these in a trade and …

  • Cort Curbow5

    Cort Curbow5 - "Cort Curbow 5 String"


    Been playing bass for about 30 years. Currently play a 4-string Spellbinder bass (by Stanley Clarke and Tom Lieber), and a 10-string Chapman Stick. Wanted an inexpensive 5-string to mess with, but wanted one that wasn't a complete washout. Research …

  • Cort Curbow5

    Cort Curbow5 - "Cort Curbow 5-String Bass, Lake Placid Blue"


    I went to Goodguys Music Store in Honolulu, Hawaii, just to browze, and then I saw Sleek looking bass hanging on the wall. I tried it and was kinda blown by the feel, it's design and it's weight. Months after, I finally puchased a brand new Curbow fo…

  • Cort Curbow5

    Cort Curbow5 - "Cort Curbow 5 String"


    I bought it off of e-bay for $200 case included. Awesome price I like the fact that it is tiny. I am constantly moving on stage and it is the perfect size. It is vey smooth playing. I have pretty small hands, but the width of the neck is perfect. I…

  • Cort A6

    Cort A6 - "Godin A6"


    I've had a fretless A4 bass for a few years and have always enjoyed it so when I thought it was time to get back into playing guitar I did think of the A6. Seeing one in a sale at £559 I picked it up and it felt and sounded great. So out came the pla…

  • Cort A5

    Cort A5 - "Cort A5"


    My "learner" bass (unknown name - dodgy quality) was stolen and precipitated the purchase af a new guitar. I had been thinking about replacing it and this gave me the ideal(!) oppertunity. I am still a learner on the bass but I have been playing in…

  • Cort A5

    Cort A5 - "Cort A5 Artesan Bass Guitar"


    I bought this bass guitar last year at Interlochen Guitar Company in Interlochen Michigan. It is my first Bass, and came highly recommended by the owner of the store. I paid $600.00 for this instrument, which is worth much more, considering the fea…

Translated user reviews
  • Cort B5

    Cort B5 - "All the benefits of a "modern" low"


    This finish "Open Pore Natural", the body is swamp ash (it is mahogany finishes "Tobacco Burst" and "Open Pore Mahogany"). No nail itself. I would say that the wood has been oiled, although it is not very clear (and documented on the site Cort). Stil…