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Cort A6

5+ string bass guitar from Cort belonging to the Artisan series.

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Publié le 01/02/08 à 12:25
Value For Money : Excellent
It is a low Corenne, like all others in this price range.
The handle is a 34 "pitch, so the strings are a bigger pull than 35" pitch.
The pickups are classic barto MK1.
The electronics is what appears in Barto ...
The handle is driver (a play from one end to the other instrument) is super nice but frankly in this range has taken serves nothing.
The buttons are laughable, but hey, tastes and colors ...
At this price the finish is correct.


The neck is super enjoyable for two reasons:
- This is a race with a real radius (the bomb is key) and the impression of playing with real bass and not with any flat board.
- The handle is not rallong (pitch 34 ") strings are taking a strong enough and is really serious gnial because the SI is quite grable ...
If the ash is when even quite heavy and is value for money.
The finish is just OK.


So the fact that's it droutant. When looking at the benefits and the finish is expected sound of hell and wham .. the sound is stifled and the instrument's output level is ridiculous, except when the active switch is switched / passive which sends a "plop" monumental in the amp.
But with a little good and a good amp persverance (elliot track for me) we arrive do what you want (predilection for jazz and classic rock sounds, for the ultra modern sounds a caron not done).
In some time I replace the strings by elixir and I would date this notice.


Before buying this bass I tried the main concurrent (Ibanez and Yamaha), the Ibanez is super enjoyable with a great sound but still a bit of a bad end board, the Yamaha stand out but 'handle standard and overweight are quickly avoid this instrument remains the choice of the reason the Cort A6.
Not a favorite instrument, but a finely crafted instrument with a versatile sound (when looking around), easy play for a 6 string because the radius and standard handle.

on 02/06/07: That's it, I changed the strings

As expected I replaced the original D'Addario by Elixir (very dear, 64 6 strings, but frankly worth the investment).
The vagueness and lack of potatoes we disappeared to be replaced trsdfinit sound in the bass as in acute with the added bonus of a great game comfort (like fast freight)
Frankly with new ropes that low pleases me more ....

on 29/06/07: Small sound clip

I slide a link to a sound clip to get an idea of ​​his with the new ropes.
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