Ibanez SR506
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All user reviews for the Ibanez SR506

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %
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MGR/Bassman 610/02/2007

MGR/Bassman 6's review"Ibanez SR 506"

Ibanez SR506
I have been playin bass since 7th grade I wm now in 11th so about 4 years under my belt

I play both stand-up and bass guitar,guitar,dryums,etc.etc.

pretty much any type of music u can think I like

I play in a metal band called Unstable Society

I started off playing viola

I bought my Ibanez from Guitar Center in Rosedale Minn.

I needed a better bass then my squier becuase I surpassed its capabilites and wanted a six string bass

I paid about 700 dollars for my Ibanez

Over all I loev the bass,the MK1 Bartonili electronics are amazing,great tone,the action and the way it plays is just beutiful,the finish is very nice,the bass hangs extremaly well when playin with a strap,the neck is very very thing which is very nice for reaching those low strings,tapping and slaping is very easy on it,the woods are very nice and resonate extremaly,the mahogany body give a nice bright sound,and the 5 piece neck made with three pieces of wedge and two strips of Bubinga is extrmaly smooth,and the active pickups don't kill that battery fast at all

there is'nt alot that I don't like about the instrument

the only thing I can think of is that the truss rod extremaly hard to get at and Ibanes should have put the truss rod adjusment nut at the bottom of the neck instead of at the top

great,very solid well built bass

A spectacular purchase for anyone looking for a six string bass,very good to learn on if you want to try your hand at a six string bass

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Anthony Way04/10/2006

MGR/Anthony Way's review"Ibanez SR506"

Ibanez SR506
My name is Anthony Way. I have been playing bass for 27 years. I am currently the bassist for The Adopted - www.theadopted.com
I am a fan of alternative rock music including Pearl Jam, I Mother Earth, Cold Play...etc.

I actually owned 3 Ibanez SR series basses - SR406, SR506 & SR1206. I recently gave up my endorsement with Godin Guitars to play Ibanez exclusively. Godin makes great guitars but they did not make a 6 string bass which is all I play now. In my current bass lineup I only use 2 basses - my SR506 (natural finish - backup) and my beautiful SR1206 (oil finish...NICE!).

I think Ibanez makes some of the best basses in the world. I have owned many basses over the years including original Fenders, Kramer, Yamaha's, Rickenbacker 4001, Godin, Aria Pro II (80's version), Hondo II, El Degas, Peavey, OLP, Rogue, Dillian, Douglas, Dean & Ibanez.

Honestly there is nothing I do not like about my Ibanez SR506. Actually all the Ibanez basses I have owned have been excellent. The SR406 did not have the bite that the SR506 had (especially when thumbing) but that was understandable since the 406 did not have active pickups only an active circuit (lower end model with DX6 pickups - the 506 has ADX6 pickups). The necks where the same - SR6 hard maple. They felt the same.

I am an active bassist and I play hard. The Ibanez basses I own handle all I can give. These basses are great and stay in tune. The quality is top notch in my opinion.

Overall I highly recommend Ibanez basses especially the medium to high range models. I have never played a bass that has felt as good as an Ibanez SR series bass and what I mean is the fit to my body. The sound I get is perfect for my style of play and music (alt. rock mostly). I love the look of the SR series - I think Ibanez did a great job designing these basses.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good instrument for the price"

Ibanez SR506
24 frets
2 single coil pickups kind mk1 position jazz bass
the pickups are passive but not to bypass the electronic switch
Volume / Balance
mediums with selector 250/600 hz


the handle is rather nice, thick can for my taste.
"I did play that bass 6 strings of a violin maker Leduc and 2 lower on measures Vergnaud (http://www.lutheriephilosophale.com)

I find this rather low aesthetic and balanced
lightweight instrument.

the last two frets require a little effort and from my point of view for use with a change of position to access the strings below (nothing serious).

sound settings work very well and easily "childish".


Convien it well in some HAPPEN
I find the sound rather terrible fingers, a huge 70's style with more serious, I used to rather funk / disco music.
There are very rich low-médims with rocky grain is also quite merger in mind, but then I prefer fretless (matter of taste).
by slap against I do not like at all the highs that are to kick a little too 70's, it is not acute in my opinion but the midrange nasal.
I used to slap a 305 atk japan.

I play on a Markbass TA 503 amp with enceite the same brand 210hf


this is one year and1 / 2 I use.

I try jazz bass fender and Squier
a musicman stingray 5cordes
of Honner and many others .... Jam
a 305 atk japan 1999
instruments maker
Leduc, Vigier, vergnaud .....

the +
the price (it takes a lot to make a whole-sandstone planimetry frets to a luthier to be able to settle with a low action).
sound very interesting.
the use of facilitated.
do not be afraid for her in the evening one can pourraves or on holiday in the mother (given the price)

the -
just the lack of gloss

I'll buy this low again in the month in standby instrument.

Pat.Rick's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR506
This is a 24Cases equipped with Micro "Bartolini", and electronics "EQBIIIs" preamp may be coming from "Bartolini". This is a test.
1 Volume, 1 Balance, Grave 1, 1 Aquamarine, 1 medium and 1 Switch which I regard as a kind of boost. To try to be more precise, the adjustment knobs, balance, bass, mid, whether acute regardless of the position switch. on the other hand, there's more punch in a position in the other.


As always with Ibanez the neck is particularly fine for 6 Strings. It is 'Slapable', but it is a delicate practice with low gauge strings. The handle is nice earlier, whatever an adjustment by a luthier allow myself to be more objective. Is entitled to have two rods settings for the handle. Access to acute earlier is good, all fields are playable. But not "Ultra Flat" in comparison to my "Yamaha TRB6p2". That said for the price, the strings have a suitable height.

Difficult to obtain a correct sound.


For me the sound is not terrible. Too much sustain, its not versatile at all compared to my 800 SDGR. I recognize the claw "Bartolini" which clearly does not suit me. The grave is filled with medium and lacks fullness. Acute when the are has them, Hyper crystalline. I would even say sour, and no relief. Yet it is of Barto. Understand that many bassist, research can be kind of sound. I imagine that his hyper punchy goes well with a tube amp. (Amp that attack gum sound). His brief for me is EXTREMELY zero. I intend to try to build a system equivalent to that of my SDGR 800. In short it's just a matter of taste. Too bad Ibanez thinks only rockers. It is not at all versatile.

THIS IS AT ME! many have confrere kiffer sound.


I play on the amp "Transistor". Never a "LAMP". I am using Multi-ZOOM effect, if I should play a "Chicago Blues" in the pure spirit and drive. The ZOOM simulates perfectly and the sound choice for LAMP LP1, LP2 or LP3. (Who can do more can do less, Advisory amateur lamp, the reverse is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE).

I have tried a lot of model before making this purchase I have no regrets. Whatever it is I wanted the 706, but unfortunately not available in Europe.

What I like most is the look, wood, ergonomics. In short I am very pleased with the series of Ibanez SR SDGR alias. I miss the sound of the SR 800. I say it enough.
on the other hand I hate the sound of plain medium and sustain. The disappearance of the MID varies EQBIIs on EMG. Value for money, and for the lack of choice, I do it again the same choice without hesitation.

capillotraktor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR506
It's a 24 fret 6 string Corenne, team of 2 Bartolini soapbar pickups MK-1 and a Bartolini electronics. Marine hardware Ibanez. Rglages volume, balance, and low / medium / high position with mdiane (boost / cut). It's a screwed sleeve. Abalone inlays on the sidelines. Let us say right away, the finish is excellent and partly justifies its reputation for selling very low-in of its value. I put 9 because it has the reputation of having a problem at the bridge which prevents it from having a perfect intonation (ie. D. adequate share between notes and fret harmonic basically the accuracy Gnrale). Why not, so far I've found that c'tait indtectable ear, my luthier will tell me more ... rglage She has a pitch of 34 ", a report by 35" string tension is lightly lower, to suffer on Si which may be a little more releases them. Gnant nothing especially if you play to the bridge pickup. Very good impression Gnrale the Reception, especially IBAN book with the cover fits, the cls and a jack and a strap. Score one for the cover with my Previous 6 strings I've never found the cover fits, they taient all too short.
[UPDATE]: I just make rgler (planimtrie, intonation, action): my maker had no problem with intonation. I put 10.


Pleasant to handle this kind of low, I pull out a Peavey Grind 6c and is best: fine and fast, does not catch specially. It comes with Elixir, I do not know and it's not bad at all. CASC is good except for acute may be for the two LATEST frets and again. Let us not forget that a 6th chord adj greatly limiting the dmanchage. Let us now one of his great qualities: it is incredibly lgre! I do not have the exact weight unfortunately, but I pass a rcemment Journe Pigalle try all 6 strings as I could and it broke all records, including the addition Peavey -quotes. It is lighter than my Squier Stratocaster, yes you read that right ... This particularity is reinforced by the dcoupe "3D" body, very round and slim, it would almost think a leaf is beautiful. It is very good balance, standing as sitting. Add a good leather strap and you are in an armchair.
The sound: it is a low modern type, do not grunt was like a JazzBass on the other hand it offers a beautiful sound very clean and easy parameter to get what you want thanks to the EQ effective. She deserves a good amp Behind (yet find in my case).
The strings are relatively tight for a 6, this element over the type of sound that makes level of groove it diverged from a 4 string bass or more roots per example, one must be very clean, it is an instrument other than my opinion. In terms of technical feasible, I work three fingers above and the fact, for the cons to slap can do things like "Slap it" but not "Wooten" (or at least not easily, difficult to combine thumb and other fingers in the space available). She arrived two weeks ago, a good time rglage I can test everything that is tapping / popping, then see. Rglage the original is already quite low (controlling in T.).


I play jazz, afro, Caribena, reggae, soul, funk and rock. It certainly raise the rock that suits him less, it is too clean, like if you want funk very bold, yet the medium rather than increasing it happens cool stuff. In contrast to the rest: very good versatile bass. It has a good reputable among mtalleux (due to a certain "coldness" as the rglage EQ), personally I do not play. For the rest it groove, the bass is beautiful, envelopes, clear highs ... Detaches the sound into the mix.


Buy two weeks ago, I like its efficiency and versatility, the quality of the production and sound, the sleek look and graceful as a sword. I do not see what more could a bass in this price range, the hand may be IMMEDIATE ct a 4 string, but you can not have everything: - ) in this case the low B and high C particulirement are effective. I prvois to couple with a really good Jazzbass for the whole palette m'intresse. Remains to find the amp that will suit both, may be Ampeg ...
I tried the Cort A6 (very good craftsman series, but I'm not a fan of the look), the Ibanez John Myung (his magnificent instrument very ugly and unplayable because of the misplaced mic APRS me), Ibanez SR, BTB and TRB. This is the only one that combines APRS me comfort, and look in such proportions. The price is incredible for this quality I believe is the least of all instruments CHRE pr-cits. I regret the short crossing OF INTEREST Parisian stores for 6 string bass (thank you all for the same California team for the patience :-)
This is my 2nd bass, and I advise any bass, even pro (in my case ...).