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All user reviews for the Warwick Corvette FNA Jazzman 5

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
 1 user review33 %
 2 reviews67 %
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MGR/OlsenDP's review"Warwick Corvette 5 FNA"

Warwick Corvette FNA Jazzman 5
Purchase used off of EBay. I love the Corvette body style and wanted the Alanco style single pickups. Paid $795 delivered to my door.

Super HOT pickup and great EQ system that really allows for a tailored sound. Also has a "slap" circut in it that is Seymore Duncan. Has even more "growl" than the Corvette 5 Standard. Almost too much!

Not much to like about a new one of these models, unfortunately this one had been "modified". The "Just-A-Nut" had been replaced with a standard one. Although the set up on this was outstanding, it is set up for 45-130 strings and I prefer the Warwick 45-135's and would need to shim the nut to allow for this. I will probably end up purchasing the correct nut from Dana B Goods.

Outstanding Warwick quality. Bell brass frets need polishing occasionally but I expected that. Very solid feeling guitar great balance on a strap.

I now own 2 Warwick "vettes" and will keep them both since they have different voices. I love these guitars and prefer this (Corvette) line over the pricier Warwicks just because they have the same pickups and electronics and have a great feel to them.

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Lud''s review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Corvette FNA Jazzman 5
Bass made in Germany, this model is no longer produced today, but there is still the version in the form of Streamer.

swamp ash body
Flamed Maple top with a dark wood edging
ovangkol handle standard shapes warwick, we like it or not.
24 fret wenge button
micro JB for the bridge to handle MM
volume, balance and active electronics 3 votes
switch for the microphone MM (Serial, simple, parallel)
bridge in 2 parts typical warwick
the saddle just a nut II broke and was replaced by a nut I was just brass.

Mine has a black finish nirvana oil (oiled black)


The handle is very nice but it is subjective:

it is thick with a big dish in the center and unvarnished.
Access is easy treble

The ergonomics are very good and the bass is pretty light for a 5 string.

The standard gauge is smaller than a JB 5-String and can be further reduced thanks to the bridge mutiples settings.


This bass is very versatile thanks notably to the switch 3 positions.

I use 2 different settings:
JB adjustment: Balance at the center, microwave singles MM is the sound that I use most and can be used to make pop, rock, metal, etc. ...
MM adjustment: Balance 100% bridge pickup in series, big presence, very big potato medium, not very versatile but very effective agreement behind a wall of guitar.

the neck pickup alone does not do justice to the instrument.

If the bass is good but I find that 34 inches of pitch is not enough (this applies to all 5 strings), I preferred 35.

I do not use much EQ, I add just serious but for having tampered with the active electronics is doing its job.

I mainly use a little big muff and bass amp without driver that I plugged into the effect return of the amp available in the studios.

Without the SansAmp, marriage with Ampreg svt 3 pro or a Peavey T Max is good but I never managed to make it sound a Hartke (hence the SansAmp).


I use it for 5 years and I am fully satisfied, but I would do this choice by requiring the option of 35-inch handle for increased tension So serious.

The oil finish is very fragile, the back of the instrument is marked very quickly with a belt buckle.
the neck pickup
I had some problems: a broken nut (the nut offending model is no longer used by Warwick) and seized Straplock (lip seal by Schaller), but all equipment was replaced free by the store.

most: versatility, sounds, round unvarnished, the adjustment possibilities of the easel

chevaliernoir's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Corvette FNA Jazzman 5
All aquastillage is golden. I saw FNA or gilding tarnished somewhat. In short, especially the acastillage do not age well in my opinion. For it is against common to other Warwick, then change it if necessary is not a problem.

The handle is specially flat back. Personal love, but it changes a lot of other basses.


The handle is very nice. The strings are spaced less quie most other 5 string basses, for cons. She therefore asked to play more pre cisely &.

The bass is much less cumbersome than a Fender Vou a Musicman Stingray, and lighter too. It is perfect on stage.

double microphone is impressive diversity of sound. there is a typical sound Musicman or seimple it goes and you end up with a Jazzman. In short, this microphone is super versatile.

nor the shaft or the body of the bass are varnished. With time and wear it becomes dull and gets dirty very very easily.


The electronic is forgotten and the 3-band EQ is super efficient.
The other strong point, double micro c'estr really great.
I am disappointed by against the mic "handle" that does not attack, and no shine. Nothing to do with a Warwick corvette "standard" or a micro "jazz bass" classic.
I intend to change as possible.


I love the violin, aesthetics, the bridge pickup and electronics.
I do not like the neck pickup, and I fear the aging of the low ...