Warwick Thumb Bolt-on 5
Warwick Thumb Bolt-on 5

Thumb Bolt-on 5, 5+ string bass guitar from Warwick in the Thumb Bolt-on series.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 5 reviews )
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MGR/Anonymous's review"Warwick Thumb Bolt 5"

Warwick Thumb Bolt-on 5
1500 , i played this guitar for almost a yr b4 buying and i bought it b/c it was time to step up and get away from the beginners ibanez i had been playing for two years

tgis bass is amazing in every way ,,, i like slap so i made sure the low b would not ge tint he way , most 5 strings give me this problem but not the warwick thumbolt 5 string ,, so far all is good wiht this product . and since i could not afford a carl thompson i figured this is the best shot i had plus the jazzy sounds the ovangol produces is just sik it has almost a sense of a growl on lower strings

i little heavy but im gettin use to it ,,, nothin else so far though

this unit is gorgeous , the ovangol is stained beautifully ,,, there ar eno defects int he wood and all is tight and placed properly on this bass

warwick is a great bass to invest in ,, go for it if u feel comfortable , thje money shouldnt be an issue for something youre goin to have for a lifetime..

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MGR/Chad Dukes09/28/2002

MGR/Chad Dukes's review"Warwick Thumb Bolt-On 5"

Warwick Thumb Bolt-on 5
After trying every bass under $1500 dollars that I could get my hands on, I eventually tried a Warwick Thumb. I had previously been opposed to Warwicks. I'm not sure what my prejudice was. Perhaps I thought that Warwicks would sound too modern, and artificial. After I played this bass, every other bass sounded weak. I got the bass for 1,400 after tax, from Chuck Levins.

I love the warm buttery tone of this bass. It sounds warm and natural. Tone is Mid rich. Active Preamp lets you dial up more bass or treble for when you need it. I typically run it passive. The B string is tight and clear. I can actually play on the B string high up on the neck and it doesn't produce too many overtones to be useful. Neck is fast and responsive.

The ablity to switch from active to passive is a great feature.

The adjustable string spacing is a nice touch. The neck is wide enough to allow slapping, but it still takes a little getting used to. I previously played a 4 string Fender Jazz, and it didn't take long at all for me to become adjusted to the narrower spacing.

The neck is thicker than many other basses. This is not a problem for me. I like a thick neck. It keeps my fingers properly rounded. Some players might not like this. The Bolt on neck does not get in the way. You can easily reach the 24th fret.

Adjustable nut is a great feature. I had no problems with it at all.

The only complaint that I have about this bass is that it is very headstock heavy. Of course, if it was not it wouldn't sound as good. So, I move the rear strap button up about four inches and it now balances a lot better. An easy fix!

Adjusting the intonation is difficult. The bridge gets in your way.

The string saddle for the B string is narrow. Meaning that you can only use tapercore B strings. This narrows your choice of strings.

Solid as a rock! Nothing loose, no gaps, no spaces. Beautiful woods with no blemishes. This is a gorgeous bass.

Worth every penny I spent. Despite the Saddle and Intonation troubles, I still rate it a Five due to the great sound, construction, and playability. I had none of the negative experiences that the previous reviewer had.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Jack Mazuk09/30/2001

MGR/Jack Mazuk's review"Warwick Thumb 5 Bolt-On"

Warwick Thumb Bolt-on 5
Purchased new from Guitar Center in N.Brunswick, NJ for about $1300.00

I loved the many amazing sounds the instrument produced. The neck, which some reviewers claim to be too chunky, felt great to me and I have small hands. In fact, it was the 1st 5 string I could play all the time. I didn't have to go back to a 4 string for pop & slap. Notes on the B string were just as clear and pronounced as those on the upper 4. Sustain for days and the finish burst to life when the supplied beeswax was applied.

It was a bit neck heavy.

The frets ends were filed properly and cut my hand. The adjust-a-nut fell apart during the 1st string change. Replacement bass had a large gash in the electronics cover and electronics were dead. Replaced again, this time the seams on the neck were not proberly sanded so the joints were obvious. There was also a crack through the lower horn. The ebony vaneer on the headstock of every new Warwick I've inspected looks like it was sanded with course paper, dull and scratched.

Warwick has NO QUALITY CONTROL! Since they never responded to my emails, I can only assume that THEY DON'T CARE!

Buy only if you don't mind spending alot of money on a poorly manufactured bass or you find a deal on a used one.

Great sound - Lousy construction!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
Thibault des Walker Texas Bang Bang06/15/2007

Thibault des Walker Texas Bang Bang's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Thumb Bolt-on 5
There are certain things that I do not or probably less russia translate correctly. If you can help me sent me a mess so I persso improves the translation for this beautiful bass!

- Warwick Thumb BO 5-Jan-1998
2 piece corp in ovangkol
key wenge
handle 5 piece wenge
Bass / trebble boost-cut, pan, push pull volume bypass the preamp bass.
Active electronics, micro active MEC Jazz
24 frets cuivrs
recessed Warwick strap locks.


Bonne.Basse Really not very heavy, thick, with a rather round handle, the head tends to dive, the nut head is very short, the 2 microphone are very (too?) near the bridge, "making it awkward for a thumb to anchor near the neck (not a problem for me though)." The body is relatively small, "but comfy." Access to treble is very good. But access to the grave is not pleasant "(small upper horn)." Large hands so required !! However, a few simple bass to play.

The handle wenge dchire. A very rough look, but still very soft. it means a relatively requiet waxage as beacoup warwick.

The rest properly on. The straps are etaches nickel.


two words. Punch & "Growl" (sound of scrap metal? If you see ske j'veu say!). I ssay new model but no really happening to him at the ankle. This is the true "Heavy Metal Machine". Extremely powerful sound with end trsmtalique rating, and very very articulated a sonority (conprhenssif by ear). Sound very modern, aggressive, The Slap are very "slamming" !. It also sounds good in passive and active. I am not a fan of the electronic system MEC but they really did a good job.

"Can obtenir a silky, full sound with a bit of adjustment preamp and a softer touch. Sound Becomes less in your face, and fills the space without being white muddy," with what his own conprss to WARWICK


Low gniale, look fabulous (which agrees well with the color of the skin), a very distinctive signature sound.

But not easy to use it. Beacoup are Prepared for having that sound very metal. I will not but I made do. Now I am in search of a bass with a similar sound with as much punch, "growl", but clmente with shoulders and wrists!

yendou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Thumb Bolt-on 5
Bass frabrication German is the solid, the acastillage is like the large sedan ... that is the heavy.
Channel 24 box, I possde me the large version (broadneck) which allows for a rope between esapcement s 20 mm, radius of 34 "is long and wide ... for big pickups c ' is an electronic active guy with a mic and two large equa 2 channels, a selection of micro knob volume knob type for metering the volume of each mic, and a knob of voume general system ... with pull up mode switch to liabilities.


The handle is in my case trs large, personal love it but all hands will not do it ... if possible do a careful try both types of sleeves (fine and large) to see that you You entez the mieu. large handle that allows the slap and every fantasy with the greatest of ease ... toutce forget that you have learned about Jazzbass and other details ....
Access in acute is more than nikel, but the base of the handle is very large ca may surprise ....

the wood used is of an exotic wood ovgankol extremely dense, so heavy trs is the only ngaif of this instrument, 6.5 kg ... it's very heavy to carry, aches ensured els are tomorrows concert works, consider a more screw fasteners rgulierment Straps ... if ergonomics is great, the wood is beautiful, is that of a plaisr vaoir in the hands and Fomrez wife's body because of the lower back is curved.

use is very simple: you plug and it was the sound directly warwick, even in a crappy amp


I use it in a rock band I was looking for an irritating sound of bass heavy, with lots of dynamics and attack .... I sui filled. the bass is enormous, I use a sub 15 "in order to take advantage pleinmement. the sound is beautiful, round precise, punchy ... Preska at the same time, we feel the wood react under our fingers, it is a living instrument that gives a lot of fun to play. slap it in happiness, una attack to crack a tympanum on the spot, its a super funk. The highlight of this instrument is in its natural sustain you ... 25 seconds to have good clear sound and precise luimpide once .... that fret the note of happiness. By playing with the equation of the low you can go from a screaming rock sound has a hollow metal without forgetting a round, warm IDAL for walking or crossing jazz reggae. truly a fantastic instument


I use it for a year and a half and I am delighted. I love the sound ergonomics, wood and quality workmanship. Warwick has the advantage of having its full adjustable fittings with a screwdriver .. so if you know it ... exit the luthier for the rule. is an instrument that has character and he must learn to handle, except the weight and I have no complaints to make.
it is a choice I would do without hsit because all the bass that I tried (fender musicman ....) I do not given much satisfaction in the sound I was looking for