Yamaha RBX375
Yamaha RBX375

RBX375, 5+ string bass guitar from Yamaha in the RBX series.

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All user reviews for the Yamaha RBX375

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 5 reviews63 %
 3 reviews38 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/George's review"Yamaha RBX375"

Yamaha RBX375
I bought this from Guitar Center after the RBX775 I ordered from MusiciansFriend got dammaged during transit. I paid $360.00 it was a replacement for a Conklin GT5 which had been stolen.

It is light and well balanced the action is easy to adjust and holds intonation. It comes with passive ceramic humbuckers and a 2 band active eq which give a wide range of tone selection. The pickup selector is a rotary pot so you can select as much of or all of one pickup to dial in the perfect tone. The over value is Great I paid over $700 for the Conklin GT5 which was/is a great bass but for the money the Yamaha RBX375 is the way to go even for more experienced players.

Batteries---but an ac adapter would not be an option.

This bass is well made. The fit and finish is excellent. The hardware is quality stuff.

If you are looking for a 5 string this is the one to get, the price is right and the sound is booming.

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alak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent value for money qualiy"

Yamaha RBX375
Mine is metallic red, and paint up well.
Alder body, 2 humbuckers active
EQ active bass and treble very effective
a knob for the micro scale and 1 for the gain.
Channel 24 frets 34 "threaded inserts with very clean.
Head low "3D" which is fine for me, no problemo!
With battery power, which lasts me AT LEAST 6 MONTHS (do not forget to unplug the jack when not playing)


Handle relatively flat, "modern" access to acute is excellent.
Satin black paint on the back of the head is the same as back of the neck, it feels strange at first, but it's all good = it does absolutely no glue,
slides well and has not damaged the last 3 years!
The bass is relatively light, which is nice for a 5 string.
To find a sound, it's childish through active pickups and knobs, the highlight of this bass.
Original and effective bridge that does not damage my strings.


Versatility, a sound all its own, somewhat aggressive, which agreeably DISTINGUISHED. Rather made to modern music.
The roundness depends very much on the amp used: with a good Fender Rumble
it was PERFECT = everything a will, chattering + roundness and depth and precision.
We just play nicely fingers, plectrum or slap.


I have this bass for 3 years I always do what I want with, and
I'm really happy with my choice!
The value for money is exceptional, I do not understand why Yamaha instruments have so little popular! Snobbery??
I would do this choice without hesitation,

alak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RBX375
made in china, alder body, relatively light for a 5 string.
2 active humbucker pickups, a équaliqation two bands (bass and treble), a knob to balance the micro and the last for the gain of the bass.
Channel 24 frets 34 "screwed." 3D head "
The neck is relatively flat, a little wide (5 strings) refrain little hands, access to acute is EXCELLENT.


Easy to find a sound, thanks to active pickups and knobs, the highlight of this bass. No problems easel, this frieze not nickel!


some versatility, but its a bit metallic, dynamic or aggressive = like very much. She always keeps sounding very "present" rather made to modern music.


Global Reviews
I'm really happy with my choice, value for money is good,
Itis in excellent secondhand

schoubis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RBX375
The beast was manufactured in China, it is aulne.Elle has 2 humbucker pickups active, a équaliqation two bands (bass & treble), a knob for the micro scale and one for the gain of the bass, which can be more interesting, however, that if a volume is not very accurate
Channel 24 frets 34 "and screwed. Bourin screwed to the side, moreover, what it looks like a bit of a duplos Alas ... no selector active / passive, only available at her older sister (rbx 675) for 300 euros more.
6 ==> because no passive switch and not a three-band EQ equalizer last two strips works great.

At the head of the bass, yamaha super deco that called "3D head," pesronnellement I do not like it gives a toy to look low, but what is annoying is that it does not very well and it deteriorates quickly ("yellow" and falls off)

In terms of food, a small door with the battery, so far so good just the pickups are greedy, I change the battery every month (well until I have a battery) and every time I change the battery I'm afraid to snatch a thread, so I am always very careful.


The handle is quite nice, access to acute is EXCELLENT. It is a relatively flat run, "modern", but the finishing end of the handle makes it a little square. The point of the handle is black paint on the back! It sticks! Unbelievable speed and crashed The paint on the back of the head is not the same as on the handle, I wonder what he wanted? Finally since the defect was corrected painting changed (the knob has changed too, are a little more silver mtnt).
The bass is relatively light, which is nice for a 5 string.
When sitting, it tends to back a bit leg ds has my taste, the concavity being a little too close
To find a sound, it's childish, thanks to active pickups and potentiometers "could not be more classic." The major difference between models rbx270 and 170 are just below the pickups and electronics, which I think are the strong point of this bass. In terms of microphones, I find the space a little tight between them, between the handle too, unlike fender. Which requires a tape or thumb slap limits on the sidelines.
If I continue my descent, here we are at the bridge, with its original design. Well, it's no more! I have to change strings frequently because the bridge damage my rope, and she consistently breaks in one place.

Moreover, even when done in a luthier set, all harmonics were just curled ropes course, but something not allowed!


As it was my first bass I had some versatility and I can not just happier. However it releases its always aggressive enough that I love, with few rounded almost metallic. Also I find that it still retains a sound all its own, separate it nicely. It made for more modern music. In the sound of this bass, I miss him still and sustain the sub-bass, which I find somewhat lacking. This is without the finishing.

We feel that this is just a 4-string bass which we added a 5th string savagely also the sound of that chord sounds rough, it lacks precision. It is difficult to attack the 5th string to put some punch or slap hands. While on the other strings, I enjoy playing by jumping on the strings ^ ^.

Other than that, we just play nicely fingers, plectrum or slap.


It is now two that I play hard with this bass, I almost feel that it is part of me, I always do what I want with, depending on what I want to play. She just caught the eye when I bought it compared to other models I found banal. It comes in three colors to the point: silver (not gray because if not the vendors do not understand Musikstore) red and black ...
I'm not really careful, or prudent with my bass, it was already I do not know how suddenly it's rock'n'roll ^ ^. but the paint is fragile even in the body just because of my major when I rub the paint is damaged slapper! And by the way beneath the silver is red ...
I'm really happy with my choice even if there is a lot of small problems, I love it, it's really a bass I wanted. I just bought the same model but with 4 strings if I had to change something and still not mm.
The value for money is good, I've never had real problems with only small things with little interest. (Thank you to trim the little Chinese as greyhound for us).

kikigrumly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RBX375
Made in China, 24 frets, rosewood fingerboard, alder body, maple neck, Bridge Die-Cast, 2 humbuckers knob mixable by Pan.
1 master volume, treble eq 1, eq 1 low.
A selector switch microphones and an active / passive have are welcome but they are options that are only found in the ranges above. The finish is very honorable and it is fairly light, which is very popular with my back


For the handle, in my opinion is the only small "defect" of the bass.
I find it too large and too round. After it is a matter of taste: I like the sleeves thinner and faster, not being a slappeur crazy!
Moreover, the access to high frequencies are very good and even the 17/19ème box can be reached easily from the rope so bad. the asymmetric shape for many plays. And it gives him a putxxx (biiiiiiiiiip!!) From mouth! love
I tried a Cort in this price range and frankly I felt like having a piece of balsa soft hands. With the Yam was a feeling of consistency, although enhanced by vibration amplified by the shape of the top of the body when playing seated. It vibrates with a little experience might know what note is played just by feeling
To get a good sound, no worries. the eq 2 is sufficient (by pushing the cap a little too far one might ask Santa Claus to a 3rd) the balance between the two microphones is efficient and active pickups send the big potato!

I just put the sleeve 7 is not quite to my taste.


I recorded several songs with quite different, with sounds, fat, round sound and clean, incisive sound, sound effects etc. stuffed ... not use it in terms studios, I go into the sound card in my mac via a behringer preamp. with this couple preamp / bass I got a get everything I need and I have never been limited by saying "damn (and I'm still polite), if I had a low of € 300 more I could do "
I found the perfect sound quite incisive but be careful in this case the accuracy is mainly on the string "if" it "snaps" quite easily if the game is unclear.


I use it for 2 years and a half but not extensively, just in times of compositions. To use that I made, it is perfect.
A huge sound and easy, a mouth of hell - well, the mouth is more practical on stage, but it's still fun to have a beautiful instrument in his room -
The only downside to my taste: a sleeve a little too thick and round, but still very playable for those who love this type of handle.
I tried a Cort Artisan C4 a bit too "cardboard" to my taste, a peavey grindbass, not convinced of its microphones, a olp tony levin, too expensive for me and not a fan design.
In short by far the best value I could find. Choice again without hesitation.

Miliouz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RBX375
It has to come from China. It has 2 humbucker, one serious balance, an acute balance, gain selector and a microphone. It is a round 34 "round 2 octaves (24 frets). It's a Bolt.
It lacks a selector active / passive always helpful.


The neck is quite thick but bearable, especially when we did the acoustic guitar before.
The last frets are accessible until the middle rope, the rope if I have more trouble (and I must release my thumb from the back of the neck). Anyway I have not giant hands ...
It is not heavier than a Fender Jazz bass 4 strings, so it's correct.
The sound is typical Yamaha, ie not Exess Infrabass of the above. What it is versatile.

update: if the rope is soft and poorly defined frieze.


I play a little bit of everything (of a slayer red hot ...). So it goes for 99% of what I did ...
I play a Fender Rumble 100, very nice also. No more squatting in the amp some friends ...

Anyway I love typing with harmonics!

Except that bad. The four string model is much better in fact ...


I've had 3 months, I am meeting starts at pleasing them. It's a low down / mid-range and I expect it has ca. Rather a (very) good surprise.
And she has a mouth! For those like me who have trouble with the mug of Fender's all fun!
350 euro (I got a ass) new, the quality price ratio can not be qu'exellent!

Well in retrospect I might have had to make a 4 string, but you get used very quickly. One day perhaps will come the 6 strings!

I will update is 6 because it has a mouth, a violin, after all only correct and fairly handle ympa. on the other hand ... If the rope is definitely forget. To use, you must put the bridge pickup is a flat to the grave ... Cool electronics active ...

kirkinho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RBX375
Asian Low: good finish
Alder Body relatively thin, ergonomic
Saddle sleeve on all painted black MODEL, rosewood fingerboard
Handle fairly strait on 5 Premire boxes and gently without too s'largit s'paissir
Screw the truss-rod rglage body ct
24 medium frets J, points taken over by mother
Mounting sleeve with 4 inserts
Two active humbuckers legalization
Gnral a volume knob, balance neck / bridge and two knobs legalization
(Small-click to easily find the central position of balance controls, bass and treble, very practical!)
Trs good easel with adjustable bridges
Plastic nut
Mcanique oil bath
Pice plastic head to make a 3D head (the only thing that makes a little gadget, toy)

I give plastoc July 1 because of the head and the nut too (yuck plastic) two weak points of this bass.


Accustomed April 1 epiphone explorer (handle bulky for a 4 string, no type-of-all-flat ...) gn I'm not at all on this race that is compact for a 5 (I BPS: a 5!) 5 Premire The boxes are quite fine and then the handle s'vase without becoming too large or too pais also handles for lovers ... this is not for you, stay on a 4!
Access in dernires boxes is good, the setting does ESG that 22me from the box.
the balance is super good is a low trs hours to play well (your fingers will say stop before your back)!
Ct's not too surprising: it rings and shakes itself is homogne and good ... BMOL small for the neck pickup which is struggling to get the rope properly if: I think it can be a rgl uphill pulling. Moreover, for those who want drop down or grant (such R Fa Sol Do as I do) has become mandatory since in this case all the strings become shy of the two microphones.

6 for a small problem of lack of flexibility and this little hollow neck pickup ... but hey trs nothing serious, just a game dgoter deeper draft.


It is a low everything and it is the Russian plan provided again to choose the microphone neck alone, only if not using the rope Si
Otherwise it's a word that sounds good standard round, warm, and just rglages are effective, we go from warm to deep and heavy foil "light" playing with the knobs.
In all the buttons rglant half (small click) on a base SETTING THE all-terrain, there is more that add a bit of this or that, or otherwise remove one It was just ... everything at hand for easy "sound the same."
No default major, has spent much everywhere and trs.

The small is 6 Previous 9 here because there is always way out the right sound without much break the head (micro neck + bridge = severe acute and micro-neck + bridge = treble-bass), the 'legalization has a good range rglages trs.


I have a few days and made from the plastic head (and nut) and the hollow neck / string If I rgale!
It is a wise purchase, cheap and versatile, well made with good wood and an electro height. Stroke of luck I got it 220Eu and more ...
(I'll let you know when I'm pulling for chang and agreement ADGCF)
For a low level of the award-l ... frankly I would do without this choice problem!

8 An overall opinion seems to me a good résumé as the main sound and ease.

colibrimst's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RBX375
Made in China, I believe ...
See previous posts for micro features and settings buttons


My old bass is a Cort New Action Bass 4 strings, and the handle of the RBX is much fuller and thicker, which is not displease me given my big fingers purposes.
Reasonable access to acute, but have to get the latest posts (well it's just a question of hand positioning, it can be adjusted quickly ...)
For weight, it's true that compared to the NAB4, passive, with no frills, ss is heavy at first, but in fact it is not so heavy as that, you get used very quickly, with a good strap .
Same for the sound, difficult to compare with a 4 string passive, but in any case I'm having, and I burst qurtout the ears of my poor neighbors! Seriously, the settings are varied, and may well slapper with his hyper slamming her or play with a very round.


I play in a group of jazz, rock to another and I'm the bass to a fanfare of brass, too. Everything goes perfectly.
Before I had a Peavey amp Microbass 15W, to get started. This kind of amp is strongly discouraged, the baffle has a diameter too small to have an up correctly in his grave.
Now I have a Crate BT 50 and frankly it's going better! A cabinet of 12 "minimum is good.
In contrast, no effect.

I like all the sounds, the drier and snapping at the round and heavy. Preamp thank you! (Which also could have a switch active / passive, I did not mentioned above);) )


I play on the RBX for 1 month and I'm about to throw the old out the window, I think.
The distance between the strings and the roundness of the handle is a plus for me, the power of sound as well.
I tried Cort and Ibanez models in the same price range, the choice was quickly made, and yet it is not the most expensive model ...
Value very very very good
With experience, I will redeem probably a Yamaha, maybe a superior model.
9 / 10 because you can always do better!