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  • Audified Linda RockStack

    Audified Linda RockStack - "Three-channel, easy-to-use Guitar amp/cab for clean, dirty and hi-gain"


    Here is a simple-to-use VST plug-in that enables you to go from clean, to crunch, to rock and to hi-gain/metal. A three channel highly-tweakable amp with two perfectly matched cabs that can be blended. With several presets, Martin Linda (pro musician…

  • Eventide Model H 949 Plug-in

    Eventide Model H 949 Plug-in - "Popularized by Jimmy Page, the Sounds Still Remain Practical and Relevant"


    Popularized by Jimmy Page, this plug-in is based on Eventide’s H949, its first de-glitched micro-pitched harmonizer. You can operate it as a single unit, but also in Dual mode for stereo widening, doubling and reverse link pitch alteration. Besides…

  • EastWest rare ethnic instruments

    EastWest rare ethnic instruments - JoeW1's review


    Rare Instruments made by EWQL are compatible with different working platforms like Xp , Vista , 7 or MAC. The manual that is included with the software is pretty detailed , enough to obtain the necessary information of how the instruments work. …

  • EastWest rare ethnic instruments

    EastWest rare ethnic instruments - Azuma's review


    This pack works on any platform either Windows XP, Windows Seven or MAC OS without any compatibility issues. The manual included with the program is great , EQWL made a good detailed book explaining how exactly the instruments interact and how y…

  • Universal Audio Little Labs IBP

    Universal Audio Little Labs IBP - "Phase Off? This will fix it!"


    As always with any U-Aduio plug-in it's merely download the authorization file, click on it and start working. Genius! SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Unless you decide to get the actual Little Labs hardware this is an absolute must have for any studio. Re…

  • Universal Audio Cooper Time Cube Mk II,

    Universal Audio Cooper Time Cube Mk II, - "My fave delay plug...."


    The original Cooper Time Cube was a Duane H. Cooper and Bill Putnam col- laborative design that brought a garden hose-based mechanical delay to the world in 1971 and has achieved cult status as the most unique delay ever made. The Cooper Time Cube is…

  • Massey Plugins Slacker

    Massey Plugins Slacker - moosers's review


    Massey Plugins' Slacker is one of the plug-ins that comes as part of the free Massey Tools bundle. This bundle is no longer available on Massey's site, as these were the first plug-ins made by Steve Massey a number of years back. This plug-in is un…

  • Massey Plugins Listen

    Massey Plugins Listen - moosers's review


    Massey Plugins' "Listen" is a funny and unique plug-in that comes as part of the Massey Tools bundle. This is a free bundle of software although isn't featured on Massey's site any more. You should be able to find the Tools bundle in some places, b…

  • Massey Plugins Mono - Stereo

    Massey Plugins Mono - Stereo - moosers's review


    The Massey Plugins Mono - Stereo plug-in is one of the early Massey plugs that comes as a part of the free bundle called Massey Tools. The plug-in is designed to converter mono only plug-ins to stereo so you don't have to use a multi-mono version of…

  • Expert Sleepers Oomingmak

    Expert Sleepers Oomingmak - "Very weird therefore very cool"


    I use this mainly in Ableton 8 with a Macbook Pro i7 8gb ram. I have had no compatibility issues thus far. I perused the manual when I first got it but overall you won't need it if you are familiar with the structure of a Synthesizer (i.e. LFO, Wav…