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Audio Plug-ins user reviews

  • SKnote SDC - Stereo Double Compressor

    SKnote SDC - Stereo Double Compressor - "An excellent plugin!!!"


    I’ve used SKnote's SDC for mastering purpose, it perfectly completes my previous plugin list. I originally intended to buy UAD’s Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, but the SKnote’s price aroused my interest... :-D For a mere $29.99 (approximate…

  • Tonecarver tcStretch

    Tonecarver tcStretch - "Excelente plugin, nos ajuda muito!"


    Sou locutor, utilizo em chamadas de eventos! Estou aprendendo ainda a mixar! E este plugin é excelente...vi um amigo meu testando ele! Sei que vai ser de grande ajuda, porque geralmente o que eu utilizo do sound forge não faz o que o tcStretch faz.…

  • Valhalla DSP ValhallaShimmer

    Valhalla DSP ValhallaShimmer - "An excellent shimmer with huge capacities"


    Introduction I’ve used this plugin in my original songs for several years, especially on guitars. There’s no question that this shimmer is excellent and very comprehensive. It’s a real effect section on its own – an octave-pitched reverb, resulting …

  • Waves EMI TG12345

    Waves EMI TG12345 - "A comprehensive -yet complex- virtual channel strip"


    Pro Tools 12.5 / MacBook Pro 2015 This channel strip has to be one of the most beautiful plugins Waves ever released! :8O: No, you’ll never insist enough on how important it is to work with beautiful plugs (I mean audio plugs, of course), if on…

  • Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack

    Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack - "Efficient and cheap, an instant favorite"


    My configuration : 3rd gen iCore 5 laptop with 12GB RAM + UR 242. Used to mix my first EP – along with other plugs, of course. Very stable, but it takes long to start. Not CPU-hungry, which is great. It’s very easy to use, provided you know wha…

  • LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven

    LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven - "An affordable Bricasti M7 !"


    If you love quality reverb units but are too tight to afford a Bricasti M7… Well, here’s bad news for you: you’re about to regret all of your previous purchases! This reverb is sheerly impressive. No chorus, metal and so on effect on board, it’s all …

  • Waves Butch Vig Vocals

    Waves Butch Vig Vocals - "Experimental Jet Set, Garbage and 3 stars."


    Pro Tools 12.5 / MacBook Pro 2015 Fashion of the time is what it is, and one can think what one wants of it (always start with a deepest thought...) In Waves’ Signature plugin series (Chris Lord-Age, Eddie Kramer, Jack Joseph Puig...), here com…

  • Acustica Audio Lime

    Acustica Audio Lime - "Great-sounding -- but a real CPU hog"


    Tried it on a Mac PRO 12 Cores w/ 64GB RAM - OS Sierra - Logic Pro 10.3 This plugin is quite easy to use, like a console channel. The GUI is realistic and inspiring. The sound perfectly and impressively reproduces the typical Neve sound in its…

  • Acustica Audio Ivory IAE-2

    Acustica Audio Ivory IAE-2 - "Warm and soft"


    I use it with Logic Pro X . Running on a Mac Pro 12 Cores 64Gb Ram. Very easy to use and no special issue Amazing product. Not too greedy CPU . It sounds like an analog EQ. Can be use on a track, Bus or Master Bus. . .…

  • Waves H-Reverb

    Waves H-Reverb - "The Swiss Army knife of on-the-go reverbs..."


    Igniting a reverb so as it integrates to the source material in a perfectly natural manner is an incredibly difficult thing to do. To me, only hardware mabages to do it in a natural, systematic and quick way. But I don’t always have my studio with m…