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Software Spectral Processors user reviews

  • Acustica Audio Ivory IAE-2

    Acustica Audio Ivory IAE-2 - "Warm and soft"


    I use it with Logic Pro X . Running on a Mac Pro 12 Cores 64Gb Ram. Very easy to use and no special issue Amazing product. Not too greedy CPU . It sounds like an analog EQ. Can be use on a track, Bus or Master Bus. . .…

  • Acon Digital Media Equalize

    Acon Digital Media Equalize - "Just perfect"


    I use this piece of software on an Asus x52jc laptop: - Core I5, 2.2 ghz - 4GB RAM - Cubase Element 7 DAW I use it for sound design and mixing. Performance and stability: 4/5. Ease of use: 5/5 for someone used to manipulating EQs. Basi…

  • Brainworx bx_dyneq v2

    Brainworx bx_dyneq v2 - "Excellent"


    I use it with Cubase 6 Great stability GUI is large, clear and well readable The plugin is mouse-controllable It is not too CPU-hungry It's really efficient and accurate It is a multifunction processor including compressor, EQ, De-esser and Boo…

  • Maag Audio EQ4 Plug-in

    Maag Audio EQ4 Plug-in - "A real difference!"


    I use it with Cubase 6 It's very stable GUI visibility is great Mouse-controllable Not CPU-hungry Very efficient Very accurate Adds a real plus on the track. 4 very well targeted EQ bands that radically do change the sound. An awesome result…

  • SPL Passeq Plug-in

    SPL Passeq Plug-in - "A surgically-precise EQ"


    Used with Cubase 6. Very stable, great visibility. Mouse-controlled. Not CPU-hungry. Very efficient. Processes very wide frequency band with a high precision. A real plus whether it's used for tracking, mixing or mastering. Overall, I'd say …

  • Waves Renaissance Equalizer

    Waves Renaissance Equalizer - "Legit EQ "


    It's a bit difficult to think of too much to say about this EQ other than it is a solid, well-made plug-in with no foreseeable downsides. I personally used this as my go-to EQ for a few years before getting a bundle of PSP plug-ins which have repl…

  • Waves PuigTec EQP-1A

    Waves PuigTec EQP-1A - inti's review


    Hassle-free operation, I downloaded it from the WAVES website. PERFORMANCE Stable plug-in, not too CPU-intensive. OVERALL OPINION Emulation of the celebrated PUIGTEC, passive tube EQ, it's easy to use. Its unique function to attenuate an…

  • Waves V-EQ 3

    Waves V-EQ 3 - "Great Program EQ"


    I received the V-EQ3 as part of the V-Series Bundle, which actually came as part of the Gold Bundle. Installation was simple because I was able to install the entire Gold Bundle at once, and all the plug-ins were ready to go, including the V-EQ3. T…

  • Waves V-EQ 4

    Waves V-EQ 4 - "Great Channel Eq"


    The Waves V-EQ4 is simple to use. If you aren't familiar with how to eq different instruments, just pull up one of the included presets. Waves does a great job of including presets that are usable with minor tweaks. This equalizer is also very eas…

  • Waves Maserati GRP

    Waves Maserati GRP - "Perfect Introduction to Bus Processing"


    This plug-in is about as simple as it gets. Insert it on your tracks and its going to make a big difference right away. I mainly use if for the 'Drums Live' and "Drums Prog' settings. Right away, these settings make your drums loud, punchy, and he…