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Software Filters user reviews

  • Waves OneKnob Filter

    Waves OneKnob Filter - "A good filter but too simple"


    There were no compatibility issues installing any of the other six One Knob plug-ins, One Knob Filter being no different. The general setup of the plug-in, as with the others, is as simple as it gets. One knob sits in the middle of the display. When …

  • Universal Audio Moog Multimode Filter

    Universal Audio Moog Multimode Filter - "A Moogerfooger as a plug-in"


    U-Audio perfection! SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Nothing bad can be said about U-Audio on any of this. OVERALL OPINION If UA were able to conceive a product with Moog, what would it be? The answer is revealed in the new UAD Moog Multimode Filter, whic…

  • FabFilter Simplon

    FabFilter Simplon - "Double Team"


    This plugin runs perfectly fine on a Mac Pro Duo running Snow Leopard and Logic 9. There is no need for a manual. This basically a simple filter plugin that gives you control of two filters on the same channel. The general configuration is simple…

  • FabFilter Micro

    FabFilter Micro - "Very smooth for a digital filter"


    We use this on a Mac Pro duo with snow leopard, Logic 9 and Ableton 8. There has been no issues to date. You will not need a manual for this plugin if you are familiar with a basic lowpass/highpass filter. It's a simple but solid plugin. The int…

  • Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 135

    Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 135 - "One knob to rule them all"


    I have had no compatibility issues running this plugin on a Macbook Pro i7 8gb ram, RME FIreface 800 and Logic 9. I have not looked at the manual for the RS 135 as it has only one parameter to alter and it's very easy to hear what it does. One knob…

  • Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 127 Box

    Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 127 Box - "Box or rack? What's the difference"


    Unlike the RS 127 rack, I don't seem to have any trouble "grabbing" the knobs on the interface. To be honest, that is the one thing that makes me feel the Box is any different than the Rack. I will talk more about that later. No need for a manual,…

  • Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 127 Rack

    Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 127 Rack - "Not as impressive as other offerings"


    I have noticed that occasionally it is "hard" to grab the main knob and change it. I don't know what the problem is but sometimes it takes me a few tries to "grab" the knob. That is really the only strange behavior I have found in this plugin. No …

  • Waves OneKnob Filter

    Waves OneKnob Filter - "Easy to use filter"


    Waves has recently released a new products for those who need something very simple to use. The software is part of the OneKnob series, and just as the title says, these plugins only have one single knob to control the effect. In a way, these plugins…

  • Eventide EQ65

    Eventide EQ65 - moosers's review


    The Eventide EQ65 is a software filter/equalizer plug-in that comes both as part of the Anthology II bundle and paired up with the EQ45 in it's own plug-in set. This one is definitely more of a filter as the EQ45 is more of a traditional EQ. I don'…

  • Oli Larkin Formant Filter

    Oli Larkin Formant Filter - moosers's review


    Oli Larkin's Formant Filter is a free VST plug-in for Windows operating systems. It's not available in any other formats, unfortunately. You can download the plug straight from their website, and it's easy enough to install it as well, as it should…