Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 135

RS 135, Software Filter from Abbey Road Plug-ins.

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songboy 08/04/2011

Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 135 : songboy's user review

« One knob to rule them all »

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I have had no compatibility issues running this plugin on a Macbook Pro i7 8gb ram, RME FIreface 800 and Logic 9. I have not looked at the manual for the RS 135 as it has only one parameter to alter and it's very easy to hear what it does. One knob is as simple as it gets. Even simpler than some other Abbey Plugins (they have two knobs). The only function can be found right on the face of the GUI.


I have had no crashes with this plugin. As for performance, this is very similar to the other Abbey Road plugins (RS 127 box and rack) as it accomplishes one thing, simple filter/brilliance. This one is actually more limited in the respect that you do not get a Frequency knob to focus the Filter. I am definitely a fan of options so I am generally biased against these simple plugins. Of course I do understand that these are replicas of original equipment and if the original didn't have it, then of course the plugin won't either. I will say this though, even with its limitations, I actually like the sound of this plugin a lot more than the other Brillance pack plugins. Don't get me wrong, those are good too and they all are "one trick ponies" to me, but I really like the Frequency curve on this plugin much more. I used it on a couple of mixes on the master track before mastering and it did a great job and reducing the mud in the mid to low range and just slightly perking up the highs ( I only moved the knob from o to +2db). That I have to admit made me appreciate this plugin a lot more. I have been using this plugin for about a month.


Again, the frequency curve to my ears is a lot more pleasing and doesn't immediately strike me as "the Beatles Sound." I love the beatles sound but it most certainly doesn't apply to all styles of music. I could see using this particular plugin much more than the other Brillance pack ones. What I don't like about most is my main complaint about these plugins, not only does it only have one (two in the other plugins) knob, but that knob is set to jump + or - 2 db. So if you want 1 or 1.5 db increase, too bad. Again, I know its a replica but it would be a lot nicer to have that control. As for precision and quality of sound, I never used the real one but this can come in handy on the final mix or as quick fix for drum overheads. I have used BBE products to obtain a similar effect and I prefer those (especially the hardware) because they have a few more options and better control. I would probably not buy the brillance package again because I didn't care for the other two plugins as much. This one is decent, but I would rather use the money on a BBE sonic Maximizer rack.