Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 135

RS 135, Software Filter from Abbey Road Plug-ins.

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moosers 10/15/2010

Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 135 : moosers's user review


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The Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 135 is a really simple, filter plug-in that is part of the Abbey Road Plug-ins Brilliance Pack. This comes along with two other plug-ins in this bundle - the RS 127 Rack and the RS 127 Box, both of which are similar sort of filter plug-ins. This one is probably the simplest of the bunch, however. As far as getting the plug-in up and running is concerned, I wasn't involved in the process since I don't own this plug-in pack and have only used these plug-ins at the studio where I'm working. I can however speak about the extreme ease of use you're getting with this plug-in and the full bundle. This is just a one band filter that is fixed at 8 K. So while you're not really getting any control, this is really meant for adding a bit of high end brilliance to your sound. A manual is surely not necessary...


We're running the Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 135 and the full Brilliance Pack at the studio where I work on a few different Pro Tools HD systems. Running it on this system isn't a good judge of how much processing power plug-ins will take up, as they can handle pretty much anything since they're HD systems. However, I'd definitely be surprised if many users had problems running this plug-in since it's such a simple one.


Although limited in what it can do, the Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 135 is great for adding a little bit of brightness to your sound. It's a really warm sounding plug-in, which is really the main reason I like using this for boosting at 8 K rather than using a more traditional parametric or graphic EQ. I love using this on guitars mostly, but even for vocals if I feel the timbre could use a little bit of high end color. This and the other plug-ins in the brilliance pack are great for both mixing and mastering, so definitely check them out if you're looking to add some new high quality plug-ins to your DAW.