Waves Renaissance Equalizer
Waves Renaissance Equalizer

Renaissance Equalizer, Software parametric EQ from Waves in the Renaissance series.

bgallaghermusic 01/03/2015

Waves Renaissance Equalizer : bgallaghermusic's user review

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
It's a bit difficult to think of too much to say about this EQ other than it is a solid, well-made plug-in with no foreseeable downsides.

I personally used this as my go-to EQ for a few years before getting a bundle of PSP plug-ins which have replaced a lot of the Waves stuff for me. I find this EQ to be very nice and clear, without producing any harshness when you boost the upper frequencies, which can happen in cheaper EQs. I use the PSP MasterQ for most of my general work now and couldn't tell you that it is any superior performance-wise, only that I like the look and feel of working with it a bit more. The Renaissance EQ isn't quite as point-and-click friendly and seemed somehow obtrusive in that way but I think that's more about my style than any weaknesses of the product itself. I like it on my Master bus for a bit of soft tweaking to the overall mix.

If you know and understand basic EQing then you will have no problems opening this up and working with it right away. There are plenty of helpful presets and all parameters are pretty well labeled. The layout is fine although I prefer plug-ins that aren't so dark when I have the choice. Again, a style thing, but I don't like looking at dark, black plug-ins when I have to work with it all day.

Stability was never an issue and I can't recall ever having any issues with my program crashing or otherwise having problems with most of the Renaissance series, which is sadly not something I can say about a couple of PSP plug-ins.

I've never needed to look in the manual so I don't have any experience about whether it is helpful or not. Like I said, if you know your way around an EQ it shouldn't be a problem, but even if you don't this is fairly user friendly and you should be able to figure it out quickly.

I also can't comment directly on the price, as I got it as part of a big bundle and not separately. For $150 though, which is the price I've seen for it now, I can't imagine it being my first choice of new gear when I get my paycheck. If you're just getting going or are more into production as a hobby, I'd spend your money on something else before coming to this product. It's definitely good but not really necessary unless you're producing professional stuff on a frequent basis.