Waves Renaissance Equalizer
Waves Renaissance Equalizer

Renaissance Equalizer, Software parametric EQ from Waves in the Renaissance series.

AudioArtist 09/17/2012

Waves Renaissance Equalizer : AudioArtist's user review

« A Good plug-in with all the needed features »

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As always, please, please do yourself a favor and make sure that the software that you purchase is compatable with your system and recording software when necessary. Otherwise, this software in no more difficult than any other to install or to begin using.
Manual? Well, if you really need a guide book to enlighten you to the mysteries of using EQ, such as Q and high-shelf, low-shelf, etc., then you really need to put yourself back into school.
Overall, the Renaissance EQ is fairly easy to use and all of your typical options and adjustments are easily accesible.


Yet again. It is your responsibility to ensure that the software products that you purchase are all compatable with your hardware and yourself. End of Story.
The Waves REQ series are widely compatable with alot, and I mean it, ALOT, of existing programs. You shouldn't have much trouble.
Performance wise, the Renaissance series of EQ's are not huge CPU hogs. You, again, shouldn't have many problems, if at all.
The Renaissance EQ has been a LONG TIME staple of Waves'. I personally have been using their slightly less pretty version of the REQ since about 1999.


The Renaissance EQ series was essentially created to be able to model a wide variety of vintage EQ's. Some being much sought after units and some being rare units that only a few engineers were partial to. That being said, the REQ series are extremely versatile, once you get a hands on chance with the options and possibilties of the REQ's you will see just how handy these guys can be.
The Renaissance EQ's and the brethern compressor have been offered as a bundle and they have also been included in many Waves bundles. I encourage you to go ahead and buy them bundled, with whatever other plug-ins you desire, and at whatever cost you can afford. Waves' software really is the best, so bundling is always a good idea.
For the most part the REQ series doesn't seem to color the sound in any depreciable or negative way. Really, it seems as though your own adjustments play the most significant role in how the plug-in responds to incomming sounds. This is not entirely uncommon, there are many different EQ's that seem to react differently according to source information and user settings. Chalk it up to the nature of how many older "vintage EQ's" were constructed and the technology available/used and the concept has a certain logic. Keep in mind that the REQ series, among others, were designed to mimic the performance of many sought after vintage EQ's.
The Renaissance Eq's are a guaranteed solid choice. You should have these in your arsenal.