Waves Renaissance Equalizer
Waves Renaissance Equalizer

Renaissance Equalizer, Software parametric EQ from Waves in the Renaissance series.

Hatsubai 07/20/2011

Waves Renaissance Equalizer : Hatsubai's user review

« Very powerful paragraphic EQ »

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EQ is easily one of the most abused tools in today's audio world. One of the biggest issues I always find is that people tend to boost way too much and bloat up the entire mix. With paragraphic EQs like this, it can help try to prevent you from EQing too much without hindering any functionality. The plugin is laid out very nicely; it has adjustable gain per band, two/four/six band settings, frequency per band, Q factor per band, filter types for asymmetric bell, resonant hi/low shelf, hi/low pass all per band, in/out switch per band, output gain fader, trim output adjustment, link button and more. To use this, simply enable it on whatever buss you want to EQ. You can even enable multiple instances of this per buss, depending on what sound you're trying to achieve. I couldn't tell you how well the manual is written, but the plugin is simple enough to where you should be able to get the hang of it without much of an issue.


Waves is, by far, one of the best software companies out there when it comes to things like performance and stability. First of all, this plugin is cross platform compatible. That means that nearly anybody can use this without any issues. As a Mac user, that's a huge plus for me. The plugin itself is rock solid, and I've never experienced a single crash directly related to utilizing this plugin inside of my DAW. There is one one issue that I did experience, and it's why I rated it a 9 instead of a 10. This plugin is a 32 bit plugin inside of OS X. Today, we're mostly living in a 64 bit world. For Logic Pro to utilize this plugin, it needs to run a special bridge application so I can have my higher RAM limit inside the actual DAW. I realize that the plugin is kinda old, but I'm hoping Waves will update this for 64 bit operation in future updates. I've been using the Mercury bundle for the past half a year or so, and it's been a wonderful experience.


I used to use this plugin all the time before I got Ozone 4. It's a very powerful paragraphic EQ that can really shape and taylor a sound to your liking. One tip that I always give to people is that they should try cutting instead of boosting. By doing so, you'll be less likely to bloat and overload certain frequencies to the point where there's crazy distortion and weird artifacts.