Maag Audio EQ4 Plug-in
Maag Audio EQ4 Plug-in

EQ4 Plug-in, Software parametric EQ from Maag Audio.

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Cimerian 12/16/2015

Maag Audio EQ4 Plug-in : Cimerian's user review

« A real difference! »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I use it with Cubase 6
It's very stable
GUI visibility is great
Not CPU-hungry
Very efficient
Very accurate
Adds a real plus on the track.
4 very well targeted EQ bands that radically do change the sound.
An awesome result in my opinion.

A basic EQ which really brings "air" to the mix. It takes a little time (but not too much) to get used to it. Not to be overused, it's powerful!