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  • Eventide MangledVerb

    Eventide MangledVerb - "From Lush to Chaotic - Delay into Reverb into Distortion"


    When you combine reverb with distortion you get some darn freaky results. Although MangledVerb offers some straight-up presets to add zing to your drums and other instruments, those with a longer decay and more drive are fantastically unique and som…

  • Eventide SP2016 Reverb

    Eventide SP2016 Reverb - "A Multitude of Reverbs that Sound Utterly Real"


    This overview considers the 2016 Stereo Room, the SP2016 and the Blackhole plug-ins by Eventide, which with its own demo. 2016 Stereo Room Natural and organic sounding, Eventide’s 2016 Stereo Room set the standard with its unique sound and spin o…

  • Valhalla DSP ValhallaShimmer

    Valhalla DSP ValhallaShimmer - "An excellent shimmer with huge capacities"


    Introduction I’ve used this plugin in my original songs for several years, especially on guitars. There’s no question that this shimmer is excellent and very comprehensive. It’s a real effect section on its own – an octave-pitched reverb, resulting …

  • LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven

    LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven - "An affordable Bricasti M7 !"


    If you love quality reverb units but are too tight to afford a Bricasti M7… Well, here’s bad news for you: you’re about to regret all of your previous purchases! This reverb is sheerly impressive. No chorus, metal and so on effect on board, it’s all …

  • Waves H-Reverb

    Waves H-Reverb - "The Swiss Army knife of on-the-go reverbs..."


    Igniting a reverb so as it integrates to the source material in a perfectly natural manner is an incredibly difficult thing to do. To me, only hardware mabages to do it in a natural, systematic and quick way. But I don’t always have my studio with m…

  • Waves Renaissance Reverb

    Waves Renaissance Reverb - "Solid Reverb but too Pricey"


    I received this reverb plug-in as part of a bundle when I started studying production at Berklee in 2007. I would say it's been a steady, although not usually first choice, part of my setup since then. I would say it's a bit much for someone who …

  • LiquidSonics Reverberate

    LiquidSonics Reverberate - JoeW1's review


    Reverberate from LiquidSonics is compatible with any platform like Xp , Vista , 7 or MAC. The manual that is included with the program is easy to catch , enough to obtain the necessary information of how the reverb works and reacts. The setup …

  • 2CAudio Aether

    2CAudio Aether - JoeW1's review


    Aether from 2CAudio is compatible with different working platforms like Xp , Vista , 7 or MAC. The manual that is included with the software is quite detailed , enough to obtain the necessary information of how the reverb works. The setup doesn…

  • LiquidSonics Reverberate

    LiquidSonics Reverberate - Azuma's review


    The program works without and problems on Windows XP, Windows Seven or MAC OS , so compatibility issues shouldn't be present. The manual that comes along with the program is great , you get a decent understanding of the program itself and how yo…

  • eaReckon EAReverb

    eaReckon EAReverb - BeyondR's review


    I didn't had any problems regarding the compatibility of the program , everything worked as I expected. The configuration doesn't require much time, the manual is very clear and provides all the necessary information regarding how the program works …