Flux :: Ircam Verb Session
Flux :: Ircam Verb Session

Ircam Verb Session, Software algorithmic reverb from Flux ::.

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arnoldorodeo 09/03/2014

Flux :: Ircam Verb Session : arnoldorodeo's user review

«  Transparency and discretion: classy »

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Classic and easy installation. IRCAM Verb Session is the basic version (ie impoverished) IRCAM Verb. The algorithm is the same however.


Some crashes in Pro Tools 9 times ... but nothing too bad. it runs well under i5 macbook pro (10.6.8)


Bought it two months ago and already a lot of sessions with this plugin.
Sound: A great plugin that for once does not want to spectacular. In fact it puts space your items without artifacts or artifices. Vocals, guitars or drums are placed easily into the mix, ideal for expanding the items discreetly. If you are looking for reverb tails "sweet" in the style of Lexicon or Eventide, go your way! Here we are more in typical sobriety Bricasti.
Algos of "rooms" are really successful, striking realism. If you are looking for short reverb settings, the IRCAM Verb excels in this area. Note the setting of the EQ that alters nice way down the reverb, region we all just tend to cut to the mix. This is more the opposite: beautiful on vocals, bass or piano.
Finally the icing on the cake can be isolated reverb initial thoughts and vice versa (cluster).
Finally a great achievement for this French company and a must for all composers & the engi-sound