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  • Waves TrueVerb

    Waves TrueVerb - "A versatile reverb plug-in"


    There were no compatibility or installation issues getting Waves' TrueVerb up and running. Although basic reverb parameters are easily accessible, the more expressive and in turn more complicated ins and outs of the plug-in take a little while to fig…

  • Waves OneKnob Wetter

    Waves OneKnob Wetter - "One knob is too little for wetness"


    There were no compatibility issues installing any of the other six One Knob plug-ins, One Knob Wetter being no different. The general setup of the plug-in, as with the others, is as simple as it gets. One knob sits in the middle of the display. When …

  • Universal Audio EMT 250

    Universal Audio EMT 250 - "The EMT 140s bigger brother..."


    As with all U-audio, no issues to report. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE See above... OVERALL OPINION The EMT 250 was the first digital reverberation device to create ambience through a purely electronic system. With its single reverb program and iconic…

  • Universal Audio EMT 140

    Universal Audio EMT 140 - "My absolutely have Reverb plug..."


    Typical U-Audio...all good. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE See above. OVERALL OPINION Universal Audio’s uncanny representation of that unmistakable sound can be found in the EMT 140 plug-in. Measured and analyzed by UA’s DSP circuit modeling experts and…

  • Universal Audio Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

    Universal Audio Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb - "A true classic "


    Typical U-Audio on-line purchase, download of authorization file, and un-lock. A walk in the park... SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE For fans of classic 80s reverb this plug-in is it. And of course it doesn't stop there see my overall opinion. This reverb …

  • Dasample GlaceVerb [Freeware]

    Dasample GlaceVerb [Freeware] - "i love freeware"


    Dasample Glace Verb is a free piece of software that is available as a VST plug-in. It is a few years old, as I used to run it when I had Acid Pro on PC, and no longer do so since I switched to Pro Tools LE . As far as I can remember, I didn't have a…

  • Waves Renaissance Reverb

    Waves Renaissance Reverb - "worth the Buy"


    I had no problems at all getting started with the Waves Renaissance Reverb. You Don’t need an iLok to authorize it with, but if you have experience with that it should be no problem. I run it with Pro Tools 7.4 LE and I had no need for the manual. It…

  • Waves TrueVerb

    Waves TrueVerb - "Not a fan really"


    Like all Waves stuff it's quick install and easy setup. Not too complicated with the menu and controls either. I like how their plugins are laid out. No tricky menus and the controls have precise parameters that make sense. Their manuals are grea…

  • 112db Redline Reverb

    112db Redline Reverb - "For the price this is amazing"


    I was skeptical about this reverb. I've been around the block a few times and used a lot of nice reverb plugs. Both high priced and not. Surprisingly in this field, more money does not always equal a better product. For some vst's this is actuall…

  • D16 Group Toraverb

    D16 Group Toraverb - "Gritty in a good way"


    I have had no issues running this on both a Mac Pro and a Macbook Pro, snow leopard and Logic 9. Although this plugin has a lot of features, if you've used reverbs enough, this should not be too difficult without a manual. I have to say that the s…