Dynamic Processor Software user reviews

  • Gramotech Pompeii

    Gramotech Pompeii - "Excellent compresseur ultra rapide."


    Je l'ai testé avec Reaper sur Mac . Je possède beaucoup d'autres compresseurs et plusieurs multi-bandes. Ce qui surprend le plus avec Pompeii c'est la transparence quand l'attaque est au minimum. L'effet de pompage est moindre qu'avec les autres. Dès…

  • Sonic Timeworks CompressorX

    Sonic Timeworks CompressorX - "plmplm"


    By clicking on 'Validate', you agree to publish an honest, factual opinion without excessive or otherwise insulting language. In doing so, you also confirm that you are not a direct or indirect employee of this company or its competitors. Audiofanzin…

  • SKnote SDC - Stereo Double Compressor

    SKnote SDC - Stereo Double Compressor - "An excellent plugin!!!"


    I’ve used SKnote's SDC for mastering purpose, it perfectly completes my previous plugin list. I originally intended to buy UAD’s Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, but the SKnote’s price aroused my interest... :-D For a mere $29.99 (approximate…

  • Acustica Audio Tan

    Acustica Audio Tan - "My teacher said this would make the voice warm"


    I haven't tried it yet, and now I'm trying to fill it all up for it I haven't tried it yet, and now I'm trying to fill it all up for it I haven't tried it yet, and now I'm trying to fill it all up for it I haven't tried it yet, and now I'm trying …

  • ToneBoosters TB Barricade 4

    ToneBoosters TB Barricade 4 - "An excellent limiter that surpasses many others"


    What configuration, software and musical style or context do you use with this plug-in? What do you think of its stability and overall performance? Intel I5 4460, Presonus studio one 3 After 1 week testing it, no bug, a riduculously low CPU use (2…

  • Elysia Alpha Compressor Plugin

    Elysia Alpha Compressor Plugin - "Very well programmed and modelled"


    Nothing to report. Or, yeah, by the way... the user's manual is very well done, it covers and analyses the settings of each factory preset, so as to better understand how it all works. Very useful to learn how to tame this beast, which may look unne…

  • Brainworx bx_limiter

    Brainworx bx_limiter - "Can't do without it !"


    I use it with Cubase6 It is very stable. Big and clear GUI makes it easy to use. It is Mouse-controllable. Definitely not CPU-hungry. Very efficient, and delivers an accurate sound. Can't do without it on each and every track to normalize the s…

  • Audio Damage Rough Rider [Freeware]

    Audio Damage Rough Rider [Freeware] - "Audio Damage Rough Rider"


    i use this in cubase almost mainly on drum tracks,just using the few presets that come with it are enough for me to give my drums a powerfull sound,thers so many free compressors out there but i usually end up just using this one on my drum tracks. …

  • PSP Audioware VintageWarmer 2

    PSP Audioware VintageWarmer 2 - "Vintage warmer review"


    The Vintage Warmer is a plug-in that has become incredibly popular recently thanks to the fact that it offers musicians the ability of having a processing unit which can create an Analog sound, as well as many other warm effects. The sound of analogu…

  • Waves Renaissance Compressor

    Waves Renaissance Compressor - "A Really Nice Compressor"


    This plug-in has been one of my favorites for a long time. It can be very transparent and is great for when you need to compress, but don't want any sonic influence from the compressor. It's easy to use and has some interesting functions such as the …