Audio Damage Rough Rider [Freeware]
Audio Damage Rough Rider [Freeware]

Rough Rider [Freeware], Software compressor from Audio Damage.

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johnnygo 06/28/2015

Audio Damage Rough Rider [Freeware] : johnnygo's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
i use this in cubase almost mainly on drum tracks,just using the few presets that come with it are enough for me to give my drums a powerfull sound,thers so many free compressors out there but i usually end up just using this one on my drum tracks.
Can't complain much about something thats free and does what i want it to without having loads of buttons to tweak to try and find the sound i want.
probably my most used free vst plugin.:bravo: