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Software transient shapers user reviews

  • Sonnox Oxford Transient Modulator

    Sonnox Oxford Transient Modulator - "Make your drums snap"


    The Sonnox Oxford TransMod is a software plug-in to be used inside a DAW. It can be downloaded off the Sonnox website for installation, and authorized using an iLok. The purpose of this effect is to change the shape of a transient in a signal. It ca…

  • Flux :: Bitter Sweet II

    Flux :: Bitter Sweet II - "Bitter or Sweet"


    The BitterSweet II by Flux is a Transient Designer. You can turn the main dial one of two ways, if you turn it to the sweet side it will decrease the transients amplitude. But if you turn it the opposite direction which would be to the bitter side it…

  • Flux :: Bitter Sweet II

    Flux :: Bitter Sweet II - "Get this, Get this, Get this!!!!!"


    Instillation went smooth on a Mac Mini OSX 10.4 running Ableton Live. Not a single hitch, ever. This is such a simple and genius device, and it works amazingly. I use this compressor to fatten up my kicks, snap my snares and give my basses some pump.…

  • Universal Audio SPL Transient Designer

    Universal Audio SPL Transient Designer - "So simple, so effective. Don't know how I ever lived without it..."


    Easy as pie, download the authorization after purchase and it's unlocked on your UAD card. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Rock solid! OVERALL OPINION Universal Audio has partnered with German company Sound Performance Lab (SPL) to bring you the Transien…

  • SPL Transient Designer

    SPL Transient Designer - "Great Tool"


    Setting up is simple, I don't really remember it that well, which I guess is a good thing. It used some normal means of pirate protection. Probably an authorization code. Installation was very quick, as it was just a small effect. The interface o…

  • Waves Trans-X

    Waves Trans-X - "Transient adjusting utility"


    Transients are very important in music, especially in drums. Getting them right can make a mix sound extremely dynamic and realistic. Get them wrong, and it can sound very flat, almost as if a robot is playing instead of a normal human being. This…

  • Waves Trans-X

    Waves Trans-X - moosers's review


    Waves TransX is a transient designer plug-in, which I believe is the only of it’s kind that Waves has to offer. It’s available for any and all DAW’s and can be purchased both individually and is also found in a few Waves bundles. I’ve got the plug-…

  • Digital Fish Phones Dominion [Freeware]

    Digital Fish Phones Dominion [Freeware] - moosers's review


    Digital Fish Phones's Dominion software is a free VST plug-in for both Mac and PC systems. It hasn't been updated in a while, so I don't know what the exact compatibility is going to be with this, but when I used to have it it was on my PC laptop as…

  • SPL Transient Designer

    SPL Transient Designer - moosers's review


    The SPL Transient Designer plug-in is a piece of software that emulates SPL's most popular piece of outboard gear, which of course is the Transient Designer. The plug-in comes in a variety of formats, and will be available in all major systems. I w…

  • Eiosis E²Transienter

    Eiosis E²Transienter - moosers's review


    The Eiosis E2 Transienter is an in depth transient designer plug-in. It comes in all major plug-in formats, including RTAS, Audio Units, and VST. It is compatible on either a Mac or a PC as well. I don't own this plug-in, so I don't know what the …